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Restoro Review for 2022

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 10, 2021

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Although we are starting a bit early with this review, we have to say that as the year has rolled on Restoro has continued to improve their program. We take a look at the latest release and see what the plan is for the upcomming year. Read our early review of Restoro for 2022 today to find out everything that has been added to keep your system running as quickly, and safely, as possible.

No matter how athletic and healthy you are, you can't keep performing at the top level every single day. There will come a day when you won't feel good and as time goes by, you will also notice a decline in your overall physical abilities. The only solution is to take proper care of your health.

The same thing happens with your computer. No matter how advanced and expensive your computer is, it won't be able to keep giving you its top performance all the time. There will be errors and it will also inevitably deteriorate. And just like your body, the solution for it is also by properly taking care of your computer. 

And the best way to do that is by using a system repair and optimization software like Restoro. This brief article will let you know all about Restoro, its features, and also its pros and cons. Hopefully, you'll be able to decide whether or not to use Restoro after reading this article.

About Restoro

As mentioned before, Restoro is a system repair and optimization software for computers that run Windows OS. And as the name suggests there are two main purposes of Restoro, to repair any kind of system error and to optimize your computer so that it could always run on peak performance. 

Restoro supports a wide range of Windows OS. From the archaic Windows XP and all the way to the latest version of Windows 10. So you don't have to worry because no matter what type of Windows you are currently using, Restoro will be able to help your system.

Restoro itself was developed and published by a cybersecurity company called Kape Technologies, PLC. This London-based company has a wide variety of utility software and cybersecurity tools under its belt. They are always developing and acquiring great tools in order to give the best solution for their user's systems and cybersecurity problems.

Features of Restoro
  • Quick and deep scans. The first thing that Restoro would do in order to fix and optimize your computer is to find as much information as possible. And the way to do that is by performing a system-wide deep scan of your computer. And it usually only takes a couple of minutes to complete. 
  • Extensive PC profile. After Restoro finished with the scan, the next thing it would do is display a very extensive profile of your PC. It would present the basic information about your PC, every error and damage that is found, every potential security threat, and all the things that could be optimized on your PC. 
  • Fixing system errors and damaged DLLs. Once you've looked through the details on your PC profile and decided to begin the repairing phase, fixing system errors and damaged DLLs takes the first priority over anything else. It would replace all of the corrupted system files with identical and healthy ones from their massive database.
  • Clean up registries. After the system files, the next thing that Restoro would do is cleaning up your Registry from broken and unnecessary entries. Such entries would end up slowing down your overall PC performance. So it needs to be properly cleaned up as soon as possible.
  • Freeing up disk space. There are multiple incomplete program removals, duplicate files and folders, and all the other things that could cause clutter and take up your precious disk space. By removing all of these unneeded files and folders, Restoro would prevent future errors while freeing your storage space at the same time.
  • System optimization. After Restoro has fixed every error in your system and done other maintenance jobs regarding registry and disk space, the final step is to optimize your computer. Based on the data that it got after the scan, Restoro would optimize your current settings and configuration, take care of any security loopholes, optimize boot-up software, find critical Windows updates, etc.
  • Malware protection. As an added bonus, Restoro's scan could also find malware in your system. During the whole reparation process, Restoro would put the malware into quarantine and check any files that might have been infected by it. If there's any damage, Restoro would immediately restore it. 
Pros and Cons of Restoro
  • Affordable. For all of its features and capabilities, Restoro is extremely affordable. There are three subscription plans that you could choose from. The one-time repair for $26.44, one year's worth of unlimited repair and support for $37.28, and finally three licenses of one-year unlimited repair and support for $50.53.
  • Easy to use. Restoro was designed with great usability in mind. That's why all of the design elements in restoro were created to maximize user experience by incorporating intuitive interfaces and easy-to-navigate menus. With Restoro, you only need to click a few buttons in order to repair and optimize your PC.
  • Lightweight. Restoro was created to do one thing only, which is to repair and maximize your system. It doesn't have any unnecessary functions that would only slow it down. That's what makes Restoro so lightweight. You could let it run multiple times a day and it won't affect your performance at all.


Cons of using Restoro


  • No live chat support. This is the one area that definitely needs to be improved about Restoro. Sure you can send them an email or request a support ticket whenever you face any problems, but the lack of live-chat support means you have to wait for quite a while before getting any response for your query.
  • No portable version. To use Restoro, you need to install it and interact with its user interface. That means, during a fatal error where you get no access to your desktop, such as during Blue Screen of Death, you can't use Restoro. It would be nice if they have a portable version that could be run through a flash drive.

Fixing your PC whenever a system error occurs and maintaining its health so that it could run at peak performance for much longer is the key for a long-lasting PC. Because a decline in performance and system errors is something that would happen to every PC. 

That's why you should take precautions before such things happen. One of the best ways to do that is by using a Windows repair and optimization tool. And Restoro is one of the best tools that you can get with your money in order to save and optimize your PC. It is lightweight, easy to use, affordable, and fully loaded with tons of essential features. 

There are things that could still be improved upon, such as the lack of live support and portable version. But those things are not a deal-breaker by any means. That's why if you're a PC user, then you should definitely give Restoro a try.