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Should I be afraid to run Restoro on my computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 23, 2021

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Over time, our computer gets slower because of a lot of factors. First, it can be attributed to software factors. This includes the presence of malware in the computer, the status of your registry, and the status of the files of Windows. Next, the hardware’s condition also plays a big part. Its temperature, remaining memory, and its stability can affect performance. Finally, the security of the computer against harmful files must always be given importance. With all of this to consider, users may need the help of system optimizing applications such as Restoro to do the job.

Is it safe for my computer?

It is only natural for some users to be wary of apps which offer an easy way of fixing their issues. After all, there is a lot of malware disguised as performance-improving applications on the internet nowadays. These pretend to be safe yet can corrupt the files of your computer, slow down its performance, delete important Windows files, slow down its internet speed, and more. With this, users should be especially vigilant about the different applications that they download to their computer.

The good news is that Restoro is very safe to download on the computer. The application is strictly a system optimizing application. Upon installation, it explicitly states in their user privacy agreement that they will not be taking any of the user’s private information and showing it to another third-party. It also does not keep track of your activities. It does not download any malware to your computer such as viruses, rootkits, and Trojans. Finally, the application can be easily uninstalled from your PC in case you do not want to use it anymore which further proves that it is just like any other apps.

What can it do for my computer?

Now that you know that the app is not harmful for your computer, you may be interested in trying it out. After all, it is an easy solution to the problem that many faces which is slow computer performance. With this application, users only need to do a few clicks as to fix problems with the software and security. The app is very familiar with the different Windows versions including XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 which shows that many users can use the application. It also has low system requirements.

First, the application can be used to target issues in your software. The app checks the different issues with the system files of Windows by looking for corrupt entries. It will either fix these or replace them with a genuine file that comes from their online database containing millions of these. Through this, system crashes and errors will be lessened. The particular error of Blue Screen of Death will also be less seen or totally avoided by the user if there are problems within the operating system.

Next, it can check the registry of your application to look for entries that are redundant and unnecessary. These come from uninstalled applications that failed to completely erase their entries within your PC. If left alone, this can cause slower loading times and even issues with your currently installed applications. Restoro can remove these unnecessary entries. This is an important tool to have as manually configuring your registry is a risky task to do if you are not that knowledgeable about computers.

Next, the application can be used to improve the security of your computer. It does this by updating the security protocols of Windows. This improves its firewall and makes it safer against malware. Keep in mind, though, the application is not an antivirus app itself. They still advise you to install an application such as Norton or McAfee to have total protection for your computer.

The application can also be used to check the current condition of your hardware. This can help you see the parts of it that are outdated. These can also show if you keep having a high temperature and low memory left for these parts. From this, you may know whether you need to update your hardware parts in order to run newer applications that are more demanding on the PC’s resources. Overall, we found that in our Restoro review the product solved more issues than any other product and thus got our first place overall ranking.

How do you use Restoro to fix your computer?

Upon finishing the installation of the application, the user can start by clicking the “Scan Computer” button. This will look for all the issues currently faced by the PC and match it to the feature that can fix it. This only takes approximately five to ten minutes to finish.

After this, the application can then be left in the background to fix the issues of the computer in less than an hour. If you regularly use the application, the waiting times for this can be lessened


Restoro is safe for your computer which is why it is advised to be used for those suffering from slow PC performance. It is not a virus, rootkit, Trojan, and the likes. It can also be easily uninstalled from your device.