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What are all the features of Advanced System Repair Pro?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated May 8, 2020

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Advanced System Repair Pro is one of the most recognizable software optimizers because it has many different and advanced features that will help you solve many complex PC errors. It offers a free scan version with deep scan report that will show you all the issues found related to both software and hardware, and an upgraded version with all the features that will quickly solve the found issues and repair the damage made by third-party programs or viruses. Advanced System Repair Pro offers three different membership options:

  • 1 PC license for $29.95
  • 3 PC license for $39.95
  • Unlimited PCs license for $49.95

This company offers a 60-day full money-back guarantee. The free scan report will help you get familiar with the software’s interface which is easy to use and accessible for new users and for those more advanced. The scan report will also offer a user to manually fix the found issues, but this would take a lot of time and you would have to be a technician to know how to fix and improve the existing errors. That’s why the upgraded version is faster by offering an automatic damage repair.

By upgrading to the paid version, you will get the following features.

Windows error repair feature will detect and delete every single undesirable record that is causing low PC performance and improve your browsing experience by removing the cached data, like cookies, to speed up your browser. There are many types of Windows errors and Advanced System Repair Pro will detect all damaged files and replace them with healthy and updated files from their 25 million Microsoft database.

The Privacy feature is guaranteed by their Anti-Malware Checkmark Certification that will detect all the damaged files from a potential virus attack. Their continued testing has been proved as one of the most important features for more accurate measurements of possible incoming malware. This feature will also protect your private data that can be used by third-party programs and companies. This valuable information is often available on the internet and while browsing by collecting the “cookies” from various websites.

Disc Defragmentation feature will repair all the broken applications on your PC. Every new program update needs to be somehow connected to the previous version in order to work properly. Unfortunately, sometimes these paths are lost, and the whole pyramid of important files can collapse. This will likely cause your programs to stop working or crash often. The defragmentation process will help you easily access the files on the hard drive and put them in order for better functioning. The disc defragmentation feature is related to fixing the damaged or missing DLL files ensuring that the dynamic link library is not causing the errors between two programs.

The Backup feature will ensure that the updated version can be reverted to the previous one. During the repair process, the software will remove the files that are causing bad system performance, but with this feature you can choose which files you want to save. The backup process is ensuring that any physical or virtual files are stored in another location for better preservation in case of a PC crash or some other damage. This process should be run often for better security and data preservation. This will ensure fast data retrieval anytime you need it.

The Advanced VPN feature will protect you while browsing. Together with the virus protection, this feature will also protect your private information like passwords, location, credit card numbers, and many more. With this feature you can safely connect to another public network without exposing your privacy, log traces and you will have the possibility to access some region-restricted websites. The browsing history will be set to private, so no one has access to it, not even your service provider.

The Junk/System Clutter feature will accelerate your Windows by removing the junk files that are slowing your hard drive. These junk files are temporary files created during the installations and by Windows. After a longer use, your hard disk will be cluttered with these files disabling you to work normally. By removing these files, the software will make more usable and free memory space on your hard drive for faster and better PC functioning.

The Registry Cleaner feature is an essential part of every software optimizer. Often, system optimizers don’t offer this feature. Instead, you would have to buy separate registry cleaner software and pay more. The broken Windows registry will occur after a longer period of use and it will impact the general performance of the computer system. With Advanced System Repair Pro, you will have an automatic cleaning of invalid entries and link registry, missing references, or left traces from already uninstalled programs or shortcuts. This is one of the most complex PC conditions, and it would take a lot of time to manually fix all the problems. That’s why the best and the fastest option is to choose a reliable software.

The Start up Manager feature will manage the programs that are slowing the PC reboot because they are automatically launched in the background. Every time you install a new program, the wizard is setting the automatic launching. This action can be removed and set to manual, but sometimes these programs are not visible. With the Start up Manager feature, you can choose which programs will be launched with every system reboot. After the scan report, the software wizard will show you the field where you can disable or enable this function for every program.

The IE Extensions feature will add many additional choices to your browser, extend and integrate more services you can use. There are many useful extensions that will ease your everyday browsing allowing you to modify the content in many different ways. Not all extensions are safe and some of them can act as a virus because every extension is one more software added to your PC. This software can also cause serious damage to your PC, but with Advanced System Repair Pro your PC will be safe because it will track and warn you about the corrupted files. This feature is combined with the Anti-Malware Checkmark Certification with premium protection from faulty files.

The Driver updates feature is crucial for running the latest Microsoft version that will optimize your PC. Driver updates will improve the interaction between Microsoft and other programs with your hard drive. Just like your PC needs to be updated with new features from time to time, so do the drivers if you want them to run properly. This feature is an add-on to the previous feature and with driver updates you will significantly improve your PC speed. It will boost up the speed of your video card, sound card, network card and chipset.

With the Advanced System Repair Pro software you will prolong your PC’s life and you won’t have to worry about additional costs for a long time. This software is recommended for both private users and for business use. Thanks to the three different membership options you can improve your private PC performance and reduce the costs by purchasing the membership for more licenses for your colleagues and business partners.