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What are the best system optimizers of 2021?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 17, 2021

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System optimizers are applications which can be used to revive computers that are now suffering from slower performance because of a variety of reasons such as having too many uninstallations, the presence of viruses and malware, and corrupted entries of the operating system. While this can be fixed with the help of a technician and with manual repairs, most users do not have the time, money, and the knowledge to do this. This is why system optimizers which are applications designed to fix this were made by different developers.

These system optimizers are designed with different tools and features which can solve the issues of the computer with just a couple of clicks from the user. After using this feature, you can expect your computer to have less bugs and issues than before. You can also expect to have fewer applications that frequently crash. Lastly, users can expect their computer to be faster than ever. However, although these applications are designed for this, not every one of them manages to do this successfully. Because of this, users need to be wary of their different qualities to ensure that they have the best app before buying a license for it. We do an entire listing of the most popular products on the market, so if you're looking for the best system optimizers just go read our reviews as they are more in depth when looking at each application and its features.

Ranking the best system optimizers

Here in ReviewFyer, we have taken our time in reviewing the different system optimizers currently available in the market. The system optimizers were reviewed based on their pricing plans, the quality of its fixing, and its various features. These applications were used to fix computers that were experiencing very slow performance. 


Our first choice is Restoro which is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. The application has a streamlined design that allows users to fix its issues with just a single click. Upon installation, the application instantly starts a scan of the different issues of the computer, summarizes it for the user to review, and fixes each one. Restoro is designed to be used by both amateur users and experienced ones. For the former, it is designed to be very easy to use. For the latter, the application is recommended because it does its task very fast and very accurately. 

One of the highlights of Restoro is their online database which contains millions of genuine Microsoft files which can be used to replace corrupted ones inside the user’s computer. Aside from this, they can also help users whose computers have recently suffered from a virus or malware attack. It can help recover files which have been corrupted. 

The application comes in both a free and a paid version. The former gives users access to a full scan of their PC’s issues while the latter gives access to all of its features. Overall we found in our Restoro review that it was head and shoulders above its competitors.

Regclean Pro

RegClean Pro is our second option. With this application, users can expect less clutter in their computer using its registry defrag tool which can remove entries of uninstalled apps. This can improve your system stability. Aside from this, it also has a startup optimizing feature which can decrease the applications that automatically open alongside the computer to make startups faster. This application is complete with features and tools which can improve system stability.

With RegClean Pro, users are ensured that any errors that may happen while fixing the computer will not cause it to become corrupted. This is because users can revert any of the changes the application has done. Along with this, it also lets users choose the specific areas of their system which they may want to involve in this fixing, in this way, allowing users to not include parts of the PC which does not have any errors. 

Advanced SystemCare Pro

Advanced SystemCare Pro is a popular option among system optimizers. This is because it can improve the performance of the computer significantly with its various features. The application, developed by Iobit, is versatile with its approach. 

The application is notable for its clean interface which displays the different tools of the application transparently, enlisting statistics and data about the computer to better explain how it fixes the issues to the user. The application has a PRO version which has better features and can aid users in securing their computer. 

Why should you use a system optimizer?

System optimizers vary in terms of quality. To ensure that you will be getting the best one, you should have a list of priorities to consider. First is the quality of its improvement for your computer. This can be seen with the effects of running the app and seeing if it results in less system errors and fewer application crashes. Next, users should ensure that the features of the application are abundant and are wide enough in usage to meet the usual demands of users. Some of the common features of this application include registry optimizers, corrupted file fixers, and more. 

Some applications are also better in terms of their pricing plans. If you’re looking for free system optimizers, you should prioritize those that offer the greatest number of features. This is not to say that you shouldn’t invest in paid ones, though, as it is better sometimes especially with the quality of fixing it provides.

Are system optimizers safe for any user to run?

There are a lot of advertisements online which promote the application, most of which are annoying ones in web pages and even pop-up ads. The abundance of these causes some to believe that they are harmful for your computer and unsafe to download. The good news is that most system optimizers are reliable for fixing the computer and are not harmful for your files. It improves your performance and lessens errors and application crashes.

However, this is not to say that there aren’t those that disguise themselves as genuine ones. This is why users should guard themselves with antivirus and antimalware applications along with these system optimizers as to be sure. If you want to be on the path to the best program to run, we suggest Restoro as it is safe for everyone to use, and we have not had any issues reported from users.