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What are the different features of Advanced System Repair Pro?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated May 8, 2020

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Computers naturally slow down after being used for a long time. Signs of decreasing performance include system freezing and frequently crashing applications. While these can also be because of outdated hardware, a big factor for this is the condition of your software.

Problems in the computer

The problems with your computer that can cause slower performance can often be seen in the following:

Registry – This is a database of Windows that contains drivers and key components. Over time, the data entries inside it may be corrupted. This may cause slower performance.

Presence of malware – Malware, viruses, and other harmful applications can severely slow down your computer’s performance. This is because they harvest some of your data, corrupt some applications, and use some of its memory. They may be present in your PC because you have browsed through unsafe websites or have downloaded from untrustworthy sources.

Outdated hardware – Your hardware may not be capable of running the applications that you want to run in your computer. Over time, applications have higher system requirements as they improve their features.

Too many background applications – Without noticing, you may be opening pre-programmed programs that are set to open along with the computer. This may cause slower start-ups. Aside from this, having too many background applications can also cause slower performance.

Advanced System Repair Pro

Advanced System Repair Pro is an all-in-one computer optimizing application built to address all the issues that your computer is experiencing. It scans your PC, summarizes the issues into one report, and fixes all of these afterwards. It is especially made with customer convenience in mind.

Advanced System Repair Pro has certifications from various organizations which prove its validity and quality as a product. These include certifications from AppEsteem (which is led by former executives from Microsoft) and from WestCoast Labs. They are also a member of which is an organization that promotes user security and compliance to industry standards.

How do you use it?

Advanced System Repair Pro is very easy to use. The first step is to download the application through its website. From here, you can choose the location where it will be installed. You can then run a full scan of your computer afterwards to look at all its issues.

The following are its features: System Data, Privacy Traces, Junk Files, Registry Entries, Startup Optimizer, System Optimizations, Driver Updates, Malware Threats, Disk Defragmenter, Corrupted Files and Errors, and Security Holes. The parts of the PC concerned with these will be scanned by the application.

After this, you can use Advanced System Repair to fix all these issues by buying a license for your computer. The duration of your license depends on the plan that you will be subscribed to.

What are its features?

Gather System Data – The application can look at the current state of your storage. This is because one of the common reasons for a slower computer is having too much data on your hard disk. The app shows you the total size of your hard drive, the amount of free space it has, the total memory of the PC (RAM), and its total amount of free space.

Privacy Traces – Advanced System Repair can be used to look at the current privacy tracing tools that are present in your computer. This can be present in your web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. It also gives you the number of cookies present in your system. It can then delete web surfing traces and sensitive information that third parties may be using to view your computer.

Junk Files – Junk files are remnants from uninstalling applications. This is because uninstallers don’t always do their job perfectly and always leave bits of data that may accumulate in your PC as time passes by. Examples of these are system temporary files, recycle bin files, user temporary files, and memory dumps.

Startup Optimizer – Some of the applications that you have installed on your computer may be pre-programmed to open. This may cause slower startups for you. To fix this, Advanced System Repair lists all of the applications with autorun entries along with how severely they affect your computer’s speed (CPU, Net Usage, RAM, and Impact on startup). You can then choose which ones should be allowed to open alongside your PC.

Cleanup System Registry – The registry keeps track of all the applications currently installed in your computer. Over time, it may start to have corrupted files. This may be a problem that may affect the performance of your computer. The app can be used to scan for all corrupted entries and to fix them.

Security Holes – Advanced System Repair can look for the security holes within your system and fix them. It is done by downloading files that fix these directly from the Microsoft server. These will prevent your system from online attacks from third parties.

Updates for Outdated Drivers – The drivers of the computer are responsible for connecting the software and the external parts. This latter includes printers, audio devices, and video cards. These drivers are updated by their manufacturers to ensure maximum compatibility with newer applications. If these are not updated, you may expect slower performance from the PC. Advanced System Repair shows the total number of drivers in your computer, their name, and their current condition.

Malware Threats – Malicious software such as viruses and spyware are used by third parties to corrupt some of your files, trace your activities, and mess with the speed of the computer. Without being removed, both your files’ health and your security are at risk. With Advanced System Repair, you can scan for these, quarantine them, and then remove them from your system.

Disk Defragment – the hard drive of the computer starts to become disarranged once you continuously install and uninstall applications. Gaps can be formed in between which can cause slower computer performance. The process of arranging the files to be stored more efficiently is called disk defragmentation which Advanced System Repair can do.

Corrupted Files Cleaner – Advanced System Repair can be used to scan for corrupted files within your computer. These can be both application or system corrupted files. Once these are fixed, a better computer performance can be expected.

Scan Results – After scanning your computer, Advanced System Repair gives you a summary of all the scanned data. It then gives you the chance to do a manual fix for this or to allow the application to do this itself.


The interface of Advanced System Repair is very simple and minimalist. Users are given the option to choose between 3 user interface themes including blue, silver, and black. Upon installation, the whole scanning and fixing process can be done immediately with a single click, for maximum user convenience.


Advanced System Repair can be bought through its website. They currently offer 3 pricing plans

The first pricing plan gives you one PC license for a price of $74.99 discounted to $29.95. This is recurrent for 3 months.

The second pricing plan gives you three PC licenses for a price of $94.99 discounted to $39.95. This is recurrent for 3 months.

The last pricing plan gives unlimited PC licenses for a price of $124.99 discounted to $49.95. This is recurrent for 3 months.