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What are the different features of Reimage Plus?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated January 12, 2021

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The software of the computer includes the different applications inside it. It includes your web browsers, editing tools, and even video games.

In the long run, you may notice that your computer gets slower. While this can be attributed towards outdated or damaged hardware, it is usually the software which causes this. Common issues include overloaded storage, corrupted files, and inefficiently arranged registry entries.

Reimage Plus Review

The simple solution for software issues is Reimage Plus. It is built to be an all-in-one application that can detect all these errors within your computer and fix them afterwards. It can scan for viruses, replace corrupted files, and do much more.

What does it fix?

Reimage is built to be an all-around application that can fix the following problems and more:

  • Windows Error – the pop-up error messages that appear whenever you try to open an application is a sign that some of your files are corrupted. These files are critical for running the app which means that without it, it may cause freezing or crashing. Reimage can be used to fix these.

  • Blue Screen of Death – the worst possible problem that you can have with your computer is the BSOD or Blue Screen of death. It signifies that there is a fatal system error that has happened and that the computer needs a fresh restart to operate again. If this happens often, it is a sign that some of your files are corrupted and need to be fixed.

  • Damaged DLLs – DLLs or Dynamic Link libraries are the cogs that allows the software to operate. Constantly installing and uninstalling applications can cause your software to be slower over time. This is because newer applications may update the DLLs that old applications use. The problem occurs when older applications cannot run the newer versions of the DLLs.

  • Computer freezing and hanging – Frequent software hanging and freezing is a sign that your software is starting to deteriorate. This is because it is taking more time in processing information and is having a hard time compiling your information.

What are its features?

Registry Cleaner – The registry of the PC keeps track of all the applications. Once its database is scattered, it may cause a slower performance. Reimage Plus can be used to fix this.

Malware damage fixer – Malware and viruses are the common culprits for slower information. Aside from tampering with some of your applications, they may even be stealing your information to be uploaded to third parties. Reimage Plus can be used to fix the damage caused by these.

Junk Cleaner – With uninstallations, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to delete all the data that an application has. These remnants of junk, when compiled in your storage, takes a huge chunk out of it that can make the performance of your computer slower. Reimage Plus can be used to gather these and delete them.

User-friendly interface – Reimage plus is built to be used by the average user, who may not be skilled in fixing the software. It is user-intuitive and fast.

Overall when we reviewed Reimage we found that it was one of the best tools available for its software type. The ease of use and friendly customer support was top notch and by far one of the best experiances we encounterd in our testing.