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What are the different features of Restoro?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated September 9, 2021

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Restoro is an all-in-one PC repair and optimizing app that uses genuine and updated Windows files to repair corrupt software in your computer. It also has antimalware capabilities, registry fixing features, and more, to improve the performance of your PC.

Pro Tip : Most computer users follow the 3 easy steps listed below for maximum results. The repairs are done automatically.

  1. Download & Run Restoro system optimizer. (Recommended)
  2. Click Start Scan to identify all errors.
  3. Click "Fix All" and that's it!

How does it do this?

Fixing your computer with Restoro is quick and easy. You will only need to download the app through from the website by following the on-screen instructions written there. Once the installer is downloaded, you can start the installation process, which only takes minutes to be finished. This process is also free from malware.

After installation, the application will run a full scan of your PC. It will look at your PC’s software and hardware data to identify any anomaly that may be causing slower performance. It also looks for stability issues of your PC which is usually traced to corrupted software and missing registry keys.
Finally, the app will scan for signs of malicious software such as viruses, worms, ransomware, and trojans, which are usually accidentally downloaded by visiting unsafe websites and downloading pirated files.

The results of the scan are free. Users are given the option to make the application fix all these issues with just one click by buying a licensed version of it. This is recommended as Restoro is safe for your computer and eases the process of improving its performance.


The following are the features of Restoro:

  • Virus and Spyware Removal – Restoro can detect the malicious software that is currently on your PC. This may come in the form of viruses, spyware, adware, and more. These programs can delete, corrupt, or tamper with your installed applications. This can cause slower performance if left undetected. Restoro can quarantine these files and then remove them from your PC.

  • Repair Virus Damage – Restoro can be used to repair the damage that has been done to your PC. It does this by replacing key software components.

  • Repair Windows Stability Issues – The usual reason for frequent Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) or critical system failures is corrupted software. Restoro has a database of genuine Windows files that can be used to replace the corrupted ones in your PC to improve its performance.

  • Optimize Windows Registry – The registry keeps track of all the installed applications on your PC. Over time, it may start to have missing or corrupted entries. Restoro can be used to optimize the Windows Registry.

  • Hardware analysis – Having an outdated hardware can be the reason for slower application performance. Through Restoro, you can see the current condition of your computer including the total amount of hard disk space it has consumed and its total memory. By replacing and improving these, you can expect a faster performance.


Restoro offers three pricing plans:

The first plan gives a single license for a single repair. It is originally priced at $39.95 but is discounted to $29.95.

The second plan gives a single license for unlimited repairs for one year. It is originally priced at $69.95 but is discounted to $39.95.

The third plan gives three licenses for unlimited repairs for one year. It is originally priced at $99.95 but is discounted to $59.95.