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What are the features of Advanced System Repair?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 30, 2020

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Keeping the computer always at peak performance can be a difficult task especially for those without much knowledge of the computer. However, nowadays, it is easier to do because of applications called system optimizers. These are apps that can help users fix errors, issues, and improve the speed of their computer with just a couple of clicks. 

About Advanced System Repair

Advanced System Repair is a known system optimizing application released back in 2017. Their company is headquartered in Newport Beach, California. The application remains one of the most popular options for system optimizers because of its abundance of features that are stored in a user-friendly interface and priced with affordable plans.  You can download the free version anytime from their site, however to unlock the full functionality of the program you will need to get an Advanced Systerm Repair Pro license key.

How does it help your computer?

Advanced System Repair is very easy to use. For users to start improving their computer, they simply need to download the application through the app’s website. From here, users can either purchase a license or try the free version of the application first. 

Is it safe for my computer?

Advanced System Repair is a very safe program to use. It has a legitimate Better Business Bureau page where they are currently rated 4.5 stars which shows excellent quality. Aside from this, they also have a lot of certifications from different companies that prove their legitimacy and product quality. 

  • First, they have a partnership with Microsoft which gave them access to Microsoft-quality technology which are made for the best customer solutions and product quality. Along with the company, the application continuously improves their application tools and marketing. 
  • They also have a partnership with Intel  
  • They also have various certifications provided by various testing sites such as AppEsteemCheckMark,, and CheckMark Labs. These are various companies which promote healthy app marketing practices and good product quality 

Lastly, Advanced System Repair is not a virus or a form of a malware. It does not corrupt or delete any of the user’s files. It also does not steal any of the user’s private information nor share it to other parties. Users can expect utmost security and performance from the application. 

Installing and scanning

Advanced System Repair will let users know about their privacy policy and EULA through the installer. This lets users know that the application’s policies on user privacy. It also lets users select the language to be used by the application. 

Once installed, the app can start a full scan of the computer. In this scan, it will look for all the issues which the PC is facing right now and match it to a feature which can fix these. The scanning process only takes a couple of minutes but may be extended depending on the number of issues that the PC is currently facing. 

Using its features

The features of Advanced System Repair remain to be its best-selling point. This is because they have an abundant number of features that are helpful for different areas of the PC. The following are the features of Advanced System Repair along with their usage. 

System Data 

First, Advanced System Repair keeps track of the current status of your hard drive. It will look at the total amount of hard drive and memory and look at the amount of free memory it has. This can help users determine if their slow performance is actually caused by the lack of space within their computer. 

Privacy Scan 

This tool scans for all the cookies currently stored in your browser. These are files left behind by websites that the users frequently visit as to remember the preferences of the user. When these are not regularly cleaned out, it may start to take a huge chunk of the memory which is why the app deletes these. 

Junk File Scanner and Cleaner 

This option scans for all the leftover files from the applications that have already been uninstalled from the application. These are usually remnant files that will no longer be needed but still remains in the PC because of a faulty uninstaller. It is important to regularly clean this to ensure that you can have more space for installing newer applications.  

System Startup Optimizer 

This tool reduces the number of applications that open alongside the computer. This reduces the memory that will be used by the PC whenever opening which makes it faster.  Overall we felt that this was one of the better tools, because it makes optimizing your startup faster and Advanced System Repair Pro does a great job as well as keeping it easy for users.

Scan for Security Holes 

This tool ensures that the Windows updates in relation to the security of the computer will always be patched. These files that it will use to repair these are ensured to be genuine and safe for the computer. 

Driver Updater 

The drivers of the computer are files which can be used to make the software and the hardware interact. Advanced System Repair can be used to look for all the drivers that are currently not updated and replace these with files directly from the hardware manufacturer’s website. 

Malware and Virus Scan 

Viruses and malware are files that comes from unsafe websites that usually have illegal files or unsafe security protocols. These files can corrupt or delete the files of the computer and make it slower. This tool of Advanced System Repair scans these files in your PC and then deletes them to ensure your security. 

Disk Defragment 

The hard disk of the computer contains all of its files.When users keep on installing and uninstalling files, this may start to form fragmentations in between files which can cause loading process to be slower. This tool removes all of these fragments as to make computer processes faster. 

Corrupt Files Scanner  

This tool looks for the corrupt files of the computer and then fixes it using files directly from the Windows database. 

Fixing the scan results 

Once the scan for all of these features, the user can simply click the “Fix All Now” tool. This will utilize the features of the application. After this, the user can ensure faster PC performance and less bugs and issues.