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What does the free version of Advanced System Repair Free offer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 30, 2020

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The computer may experience a slower performance after being used for a long time. This can be mostly attributed to frequent installations and uninstallations, running apps that your hardware can’t support, or the presence of malware or viruses in your computer. 

System Optimizers

System optimizers are applications that you can use to look at the current issues of your computer that is affecting its performance. Typically, it looks at three different aspects of it: 

  • Hardware – Most system optimizers give a thorough review of your current hardware. This includes the temperature of the different parts along with the current amount of memory being used. Having knowledge about this is important for you to know if you should update these hardware parts or if it is enough for the applications that you run. However, most system optimizers do not have the capacity to fix issues in relation to hardware. 
  • Software – The parts included here are the most crucial for running for your PC including the registry, the system drivers, and more. System optimizers can be used to scan for the issues in the software and repair these itself. With just a couple of clicks, system optimizers can increase the performance of your PC by fixing software-related issues. 
  • Security – The security of the PC is important for ensuring that viruses and malware will not be present in the computer. It is also important for ensuring that your private information will not be available for hackers to view online. With system optimizers, you can look at the different malicious files in your PC and clean cookies from your browsers to avoid being tracked online. 
Advanced System Repair Free Version

Advanced System Repair is an application that you can use to target these three parts of the computer for it to return back to peak performance. It is equipped with different features that specifically targets these three such as a registry optimizer, malware scanner, and a hard disk defragmenter. 

With the free version of the application, you can do a full scan of the computer’s issues upon installation. It will look at all of its issues from amount of cookies stored in your browser, hardware temperature, security issues, and more. This lets you know what to fix in your PC if you have a lot of knowledge of the computer. 

When we reviewed Advanced System Repair we found it could also be used to fix these issues of the PC, however, it can only do this once it is licensed. If not, its functionality will only be for its scanning feature. 

Scanning Results

After a full scan of your PC, the following data are shown for the user: 

  • System Data – this includes information on your hardware, its temperature, and its memory 
  • Privacy Traces – this includes the cookies that can be found in your browser which may be used to track your activities 
  • Junk Files – these are remnant files from uninstalled applications that can reach up to gigabytes of data which must be deleted to free up space in your hard drive 
  • Registry entries – these are corrupted entries in the registry which must be fixed to improve the performance of your PC 
  • Startup optimizer – these are applications which are causing a slower startup for your PC.  
  • Driver updates – these are the drivers that must be updated to make PC performance better 
  • Malware threats – these are malicious files that may cause corrupted or infected files in PC 
  • Corrupted files and errors – the app can look for corrupted entries which may be causing frequent system crashing 

Paid every 3 months, the following are their licensing pricing plans which give you full access to the features of the application: 

  • 1 PC license is priced at $29.95 
  • 3 PC licenses are priced at $39.95 
  • Unlimited PC licenses are priced at $49.95 

These prices are discounted by about 65%. It can be paid with most major credit card services and PayPal. They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.