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What features do you get with the Restoro PC repair tool?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated September 9, 2021

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How many times did you wish you could solve your PC issues and errors in a quicker manner than by reinstalling Windows from scratch? Reinstalling the operating system is a tedious job that involves computer knowledge on your part. You also have to backup important data, you have to reinstall drivers and so on. We review Restoro to find out all the information you need to know about Restoro PC repair tool.

Pro Tip : Most computer users follow the 3 easy steps listed below for maximum results. The repairs are done automatically.

  1. Download & Run Restoro system optimizer. (Recommended)
  2. Click Start Scan to identify all errors.
  3. Click "Fix All" and that's it!

What is Restoro?

Luckily though, Windows users now have a much easier and quicker solution to fix their computers and to make them faster and more stable. Restoro is one of the best system optimizing apps available today. The software is relatively new on the market, as it has only been launched in 2018. But even so, the app has become really popular for several of reasons: it is very useful and rich in features, it has a straightforward interface and can easily be used by people who are not that knowledgeable when it comes to computers and it is also budget-friendly.

Restoro includes all the needed tools to repair ystem errors, to clean all the junk data on your device, to remove all the malware in your PC and to make your PC faster and error-free.

System requirements for Restoro

The software is compatible with any Windows device running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or Windows 10. In order for the app to work properly, you also need at least 512MB RAM and access to fast internet.

What can Restoro do to improve the performance of your computer?

Restoro very much relies on its extensive database of Microsoft files. This database includes more than 25 million Microsoft files that are constantly updated, are healthy, pristine and authentic. These files will replace all the corrupt or missing files in your PC, helping you fix all the system issues that cause your computer to crash, freeze, display frustrating errors, have a slow response time and so on.

What is the price of Restoro? Is there a free version available?

Restoro uses a license-based system. It offers annual licenses and one-time repair licenses, for those who don’t want to sign up for an entire year.

If you only need the software once (although we recommend you use it regularly for best results), you can buy the one-time repair license, which is priced at $27.95.

A one-year license available for 1 PC is priced at $41.95.

A one-year license available for 3 PCs is priced at $58.95.

The last two licenses give you unlimited access to Restoro for the entire year.

Regardless of the type of license you buy, you are covered by Restoro’s 60-day money back guarantee.

The one-year licenses offered by Restoro won’t renew automatically so if you want to continue using the software beyond one year, you have to renew your license. They will send you notifications 30 days and 15 days before your license expires, so you know when it is time to renew it.

Restoro free version

Restoro offers a free trial version you can download and install on your device. The free version is a great starting point so you can familiarize with the interface and available features. It is also useful because you can use it to run free scans of your PC with it. But the free version is limited to free scans only so if you want to unlock the other features of the software, you have to buy one of the licenses we mentioned above.

How does Restoro work and what are its highlight features?

Once you buy a license, you receive a license key by email and you have to copy-paste it in the app, to register Restoro. This will unlock all the repair and optimizing features of the program.

The scanning process is really important in the repair process, because it will search for all the problems related to hardware, stability and security: viruses and other infections, programs that crash often, hardware issues such as a low memory, CPU and temperature problems and so on.

These issues will all be detailed in the scan report.

The next step is for Restoro to start repairing these issues, except for the hardware ones of course, because it can’t fix those. It can however point them out to you and give you recommendations on what components you could change in your PC, to upgrade its configuration and boost its performance.

Restoro can fix all the Windows errors that cause BSODs (blue screens of death), crashes and freezes.

It can also find and remove the damage left by viruses and other types of infections. All the infected files will be deleted and replaced with new, healthy files from its huge Microsoft database.

Damaged DLLs can also be repaired by Restoro. These broken dynamic link libraries can cause crashes and other problems and are usually the result of constantly installing and uninstalling programs on the computer.

The app will also restore registry values to their default Microsoft settings, but you will always have the option to restore the PC to its previous condition, if you want.

Overall, Restoro is a complex repair tool for your Windows PC and can help you make your computer faster and more stable, with just a few mouse clicks. Although it is complex we feel confident that any level of computer user can get all the advantages that Restoro offers as it is very safe for anyone to scan and fix their system with.