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What is PC system optimization software needed for?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 9, 2021

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PC performance optimization applications are an easy way to maintain the computer’s peak performance. With this, users do not need to hire technicians to consult their computer which is why it is often used by a lot of applications. With these, users can fix their PC issues with just a single click. There are a lot of these applications in the internet which all claim to fix software, hardware, and security issues. Mostly, they have similar essential tools while some have standout ones that make them different from the rest. This is why it is important to thoroughly review the different features of one before purchasing a license for it.

Where can they be used?

First, these applications can be used to solve problems within the software. This mostly involves the operating system and the different files currently installed in the PC. This is one of the most important aspects as it contains the apps that you use every day. Once an issue exists in the software, users can expect slower performance, applications that frequently crash, and overall system instability. It is recommended to fix issues involving the software.

Next, these applications can also help fix hardware issues indirectly. While it cannot fix these directly, it can inform the user about its current status. For example, it will show you the temperature of the CPU, the current amount of space left within it, and if any parts of it are not functional. This is because it usually affects the performance of the software directly. Lastly, it can also advise you in case your hardware is too outdated to run the applications that you currently have installed in your computer.

Lastly, it can help the computer prevent security attacks. This mainly pertains to any instances of viruses, malware, and the likes which can infiltrate the computer and make it have worse performance. For example, it can delete your files, put it behind a paywall, corrupt it, and others. Some can even expose your personal information or take control of your webcam and keyboard which can only be fixed with the use of a hard reformat which can delete your current files. Usually, software optimizing applications are used alongside antivirus applications to fix this. They constantly update their security measures to ensure that it will be able to detect newer malware. We took a look at the best registry cleaners , which are very similiar to system optimizers, and put together an entire list for you.

What are features you should look for?

A system optimizing application is filled with different features that targets different issues of the computer. Upon first being installed, it does a full scan of the PC to look for parts that have problems in it. It then assigns these to each of the features which then fixes it one by one. While these features differ in terms of names, they are usually similar with all applications (some may even have more advanced ones). Generally, the features that are to be expected from a computer optimizing application includes the following:

  • A system cleaner – the hard drive naturally accumulates excess files that comes mostly from uninstalled applications. Usually, these do not delete all of its files and usually leaves entries within the registry and the hard drive. This tool smartly picks out the ones that are unnecessary and leaves out the rest of your files. This lessens system clutter and gives you more space for installing newer applications.

  •  Antivirus system – This tool, as the name implies, is responsible for detecting, quarantining, and deleting any malware in the computer. This can also detect this from external hard drives to make sure that any gadget you connect to your device is free from malware. Usually, a dedicated antivirus is good to partner with this to ensure that maximum security will be received.

  •  Registry optimizer – The registry is an important part of the software that keeps track of all the applications that are currently installed in the PC. It is important to maintain this to ensure that there will be system stability. This feature is especially important if you have just uninstalled applications which usually leaves behind entries in the registry which can interfere with the stability of the computer.

  •  Startup managers – One of the obvious signs of a deteriorated computer is a slow startup process. This is because it should only last up to a minute and a half at most for an optimal computer while one that has a lot of issues takes up to five minutes to be fully functional. With this feature, the number of apps that open alongside the computer will be decreased to lessen the stress on the RAM of the PC.

  •  Gaming-oriented boosters – There are also features that specifically target gaming applications. With this, the computer will dedicate more resources for the video game to run faster and generally lessens the number of apps that open alongside it which can help older PCs be able to run newer video games.

These are only a couple of features that are mostly present in most applications. Usually, they come with more features which can ensure that you always have the best performance. Before purchasing one, be sure that the application has the features that you need.

Can I trust a performance optimization software?

A common concern about optimization software is whether they can be trusted by the user. After all, they will be given access to their different files. This is an important step that must be done in order to properly assess the different issues faced by the computer. This is also risky as there are some applications on the internet that claim to be able to fix the PC while being a malware.

For this, users simply need to read reviews about the application and see what other people are saying about it. They must read recommendations made by fellow users and ratings given to the application. This will help them ensure that the application they download is safe. It is also important to thoroughly read the features and license agreements set by the app before fully installing it in the computer.

How do you use a system optimizer?

Most system optimizing applications are designed to be used very easily. This is because they expect the average user to be able to use this. Because of this, it has a simple process for fixing the computer.

First, users need to fully install the app. Next, they can start a full scan of the computer’s issues that will take only a couple of minutes to finish but will depend upon the number of files currently installed inside it. Next, the application will then assign the different issues to the specific feature built for fixing this.

After this, the user can expect faster computer performance. To always have the best speed, users are advised to use the application every week or at least three times a month. This is because system issues usually form even while only using the computer normally.

To lessen the instances of these, users are mostly recommended to lessen their installations and uninstallations as these are the root causes for issues with the registry and the build-up of junk files. Users are also recommended to avoid going to websites that have pirated content as these are usually filled with viruses and malware that are harmful to the PC.

What are the most recommended applications?

Our most recommended application is Advanced System Repair developed in Newport, California. The application is designed to be used very simply while still being very effective at the same time. With it, users can simply start a full scan of the computer and then allow it to fix all of these issues with only a couple of minutes up to half an hour depending on the severity of the different issues. It has both a paid and a free version, both of which are effective in improving computer performance. It is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Next is Restoro which is another application that prioritizes simplicity in its interface in order to make it friendly even for amateur users. The application can detect all the faulty files of the computer and then later replace them. They use entries that come from an online database that contains more than 25,000,000 genuine Windows files which ensures that the system will be stable.

Both of these applications are recommended because of their easy approach to fixing the computer which we believe is the most important aspect aside from being its quality of assessing PC issues. This is because most of the users of these apps are those without much technical knowledge and would prefer having a one-click fix for their different software and security issues. They also have the basic features of a system optimizer along with many more.