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What is Reimage and How to Get a License Key

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 20, 2020

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The top rated system optimizer, Reimage, works with your antivirus by doing a deep preliminary scan to show hidden malware. It also monitors your personal computer's health, scans for crashing programs, and replaces corrupted or missing files to vanish system freeze or crash.  Getting a license key for Reimage is easy. All you need is a little bit of money and a connection to the internet. 

About Reimage

The Tel Aviv-based Reimage introduces themselves as the leading online system repair solution that wants you to experience a worry-free PC experience without hidden malware, annoying errors, and security threat. It was created by a group of talented programmers and IT experts that aims to offer their quality service for a reasonable price. 


Reimage lets you take control of their perky and game-changing features with three of their generous billing plans.  

The first plan grants you a Reimage license key and one-time repair for $29.95. Next up costs the same value, but it gives you unlimited use and warranty for one year. The last billing option has a price tag of $39.95 that lets you enjoy three licenses and total support for one year, perfect for you if you're up for a long-term system and data protection. 

Once you pick your desired plan, you can send payment through MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal to get your premium key. 

In case their service does not match your preference, you can always talk to their customer service to get your money back. Just make sure that you subscribed within 60 days to be eligible for a refund. 

Benefits of Using Reimage

 1. Speeds Up Malware Removal 

A malware is a pestilence that can spread and threaten your personal computer's health that needs urgent removal. Reimage's rapid and precise deep scan lets you check every corner of your computer for viruses. After that, you decide whether to isolate or remove the malware using the antivirus you are using. 

2.  File Repairs 

Reimage has an extensive collection of useful Windows files that are exclusively free for their loyal customers. If important Windows files are gone missing or horribly damaged, the program will replace it to make the broken software work again. 

3.  Fixes Errors in Windows 

From annoying system freeze and crashing programs to a pc-threatening blue screen of death, Reimage offers a better alternative solution for your problem besides than restarting. The program will first run a scan to find the source of your issue and finally replace damaged files suspected to be causing the errors. 

4.  Hardware Parts Monitored at all Times 

One of Reimage's top priority is keeping your computer parts in one piece to keep its functionality. The reliable software accurately monitors your PC's hard disk speed, CPU power, memory, and temperature and will always keep you updated. Once it detects a problem, it will recommend you something based on the severity of the issue. 

5.  Rapid and Precise Detection 

With the rise of many destructive and unpredictable PC-related threats, Reimage's deep and reliably fast scan comes in handy. This feature essentially detects hidden malware inside your computer, so you can decide whether to isolate or delete it.  

Scanning your computer also reveals what PC parts need to be repaired or replaced to prevent complicated issues from coming up. 

You can also know what apps are crashing often so you can get the replacement files you'll need. 

What Reimage Can't Do

1.  Hardware Repair 

While Reimage can run an in-depth health check on your vital computer parts, it does not directly repair broken or damaged hardware.  

2.  No Support for Third-Party Apps 

If you're using an application outside of Windows, then we're sad to tell you that any broken or missing files of the software you're using will never get replacement files from Reimage.  

3.   Limited to Malware Detection Only 

Despite Reimage being an efficient malware detector and repairs damaged files left by the virus, it is limited to those purposes only. You'll be going to need a fully-functional antivirus to remove the threats on your PC. 


Is Reimage worth it?

Reimage has a list of generous offers to take over its advanced system protection. We can't say that the pricing is economical since there are lots of fully-functional features that can make a difference to your PC. So yes, the program lies between not an expensive one and not that budget-friendly, but it is actually money-wise and will suit your needs. The price indeed compensates well for its features, that's why we recommend you to give it a try.  We have done a lot of reviews on different softwares and when we reviewed Reimage we found it to be the top of the class.