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What is Reimage Repair and how can it improve your PC's performance?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated December 22, 2020

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A slower computer performance is fairly common for all users. This can come in various forms such as freezing, crashing, and error notifications.

There are usually a lot of reasons for this. This includes malware, corrupted files, and an unmaintained registry.

What is Reimage Repair?

Reimage Repair is an application designed to scan for all the culprits. These include your computer’s hardware, security, and stability. It can then summarize these for you to review. It can also repair each of these once the license key is activated.

What does it fix?

Reimage Repair fixes all your software issues that deal with the core Windows files that they have in their bank of files. This is because they have over 25 million files that they can install if your current file is corrupted or not working for any other reason.

  • For starters, Reimage Repair fixes your computer’s Blue Screen of Death which is the fatal error you receive once the software is not capable of running anymore.

  • It can also fix DLLs which are the running cogs that allow you to run applications. If these are damaged, Reimage Repair can replace them with functional ones coming from its online database.

  • Windows Errors that have an underlying software issue can be fixed by Reimage Repair before they become a critical problem.

  • Frequent computer hanging or freezing is caused by the inability of the computer to process data quickly. This is usually because of overloaded hard drive or corrupted data inside it.

  • Reimage Repair can also be used to detect all of the applications in your computer that have been damaged by a virus. This is because if left undetected, they can cause your applications to be corrupted and unable to run. External hard drives can also be infected with these if you use them with your computer. It is also good to pair Reimage with an antivirus software that can protect you from viruses in the future.

  • Operating System Recovery – All the important Windows system files can be repaired and replaced by Reimage Repair. This ensures system stability and prevents the PC to crash frequently.

Reimage for Mac

Reimage is also available for Mac users. It has an intuitive and simple user interface that goes well with Mac’s design.

It can be used for the following:

  • Freeing up space within your computer – Having too much data inside your Mac can also cause a slower performance. With Reimage Repair, you can clear data that is stored in your browser history, system applications, and more.
  • Monitor hardware and storage – The app can also be used to see the current condition of your hardware and how much of the storage is being used.

Reimage Mobile

Reimage has its own application for Android. This can be used for both mobile phones and tablets. Through this application, you can:

  • Free up storage – The storage space of mobile phones and tablets is significantly smaller compared to PCs and is usually filled with applications. Through Reimage Repair, you can clear out their caches and their data.

  • Monitor the memory – The memory and the storage of the mobile phone or tablet can be reviewed to see which apps should be deleted to free up space within it and improve its performance.