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What is Restoro? What can it do for your computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 17, 2021

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A common complaint among older computers is its slower performance. This is only expected as issues naturally form within it even with normal usage. This involves the presence of malware from the files that you download, corrupted entries that form in the operating system and more. However, this doesn’t mean you necessarily have to take it to a technician for a pricey fix. Users can simply update issues within it with some manual fixing and self-maintenance. If users are not that knowledgeable about this or simply have no time to do this, they are advised to download a system optimizer.

What are system optimizers?

Generally, system optimizers are applications which you can download to speed up your computer performance. It comes in a lot of names made by different developers but are all united in its goal of speeding up the PC for speeds similar to when it was still brand new. To do this, it houses different features that each have a specific part of the computer to fix. With just a couple of clicks, users can fix issues that would have taken them days otherwise.

All about Restoro

Restoro is one of the best system optimizers available in the market. We recommend it a lot because of its excellent performance coupled with good features, pricing, and customer service. The application is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 and with minimal memory and computer resource usage. Because of this, it is available for a lot of users regardless of their computer’s hardware.

The application has a very simple user interface available in its application. This ensures that all users regardless of their technical proficiency can use it without any worries. The application comes with a lot of guides and descriptions for each of its features to ensure that users can be guided and that they will be instantly familiar with it. The application comes with both a free and a paid version.


What does Restoro do?

Restoro works a lot like other system optimizers. The main thing that separates it is some of its unique features which will be explained in detail later. Basically, it has three basic parts for fixing the computer.

First, it will do a complete scan of the computer. In this part, it will check the ins-and-outs of the PC. This includes the software, security, and the hardware. It will look for corrupted entries in the registry, check the condition of each part of the hardware, check for the presence of malware, and more. This part is important for ensuring that each feature will know what issues to fix. This process can take from 3 to 5 minutes depending on the number of issues that are present in your computer.

Users do not need to worry about the application invading their privacy in any way. As the user privacy agreement of the app says, they respect the privacy of the user and do not upload any of your info to anyone without your consent.

Next, the application will start fixing the parts of the computer. This is an important part of the whole process as this is where all the features will fix the issues. Even while the features of the app operate, users can still use their PC normally as the app only uses a small part of their RAM. This means that users can still work and play while the issues of the computer are fixed. The features of the app include the registry optimizer, system file fixer, malware detector, hardware scanner, and more.

For the last part of the fixing process, users can do a full restart of their computer. This is to ensure that all the fixes done, especially to the software, will be fully applied. After this, users can ensure faster performance from their PC. If the application is used regularly, users can expect this speed of their PC to always be stable.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes at most when first used as most of the issues of the PC will be fixed. If the app is used regularly, users can expect this to be done faster.

What parts of the computer are fixed by Restoro?


The primary focus of the application is to fix the software. This mainly pertains to the operating system along with its system files. These are used by every app of the computer to function properly.

First, this can be achieved by fixing corrupted registry entries. The registry of the computer contains important user preference and information about each of the apps. However, some entries start to become corrupted whenever an application is not uninstalled properly. This, in turn, causes system instability and generally slow loading times. Restoro can be used to fix issues with this which is why it is more recommended compared to manually fixing it as the registry is a sensitive part of the computer.

Next, the application can be used to check out the different parts of the system that are corrupted. The application can then fix this or simply replace it. The replacement files that they will use comes from an online database which contains genuine copies of system files. These are safe for the computer. Once these files are completely downloaded and installed on the PC, it will have better stability. This results in less crashing of its applications and faster loading times.


The application can also be used to target security issues. These mainly pertain to the presence of malware and harmful files in the computer. The common forms of these are viruses, Trojans, and rootkits. If left undetected, these files can multiply themselves and become harder to remove. These files can corrupt your existing files, use your computer’s resources without your knowledge, and even make it unusable at all. This makes it very urgent for users to completely delete this from the computer.

Restoro can be used to scan and delete these from your system. The application also advises users to partner the application with an antimalware application to ensure that they will be completely protected from these.


Lastly, the application can help you detect the different issues of the hardware. This pertains to parts such as the RAM, video card, and more. The hardware naturally becomes outdated as newer applications arrive as these usually have higher performance requirements. To know if your hardware is still capable of running these, Restoro can be used. This will give you a quick summary of the different parts and its temperature, model, and more. While it cannot be used to directly fix this, it can still advise you if it needs to be replaced.

Is Restoro safe?

There are a lot of applications online that claim to be able to speed up computer performance but end up being forms of malware that ends up making it slower than ever. Because of this, users should be keen about downloading any system optimizer online without much consultation from application and customer reviews.

The good news is that Restoro is safe for your computer.

First, it is not detected as malware by any antivirus or antimalware application. It is simply an application for system optimizing and nothing more. It has a straightforward installation and uninstallation process. This is a good proof that it is not malware as these types of files are usually hard to remove from the computer. Restoro can be removed from the PC in the same way as any other application.

Next, the application has a reliable user privacy agreement license. Here, the application shows that it respects your privacy and it does not share your private info to any third-parties.

Instead of slowing down the computer, the application can instead make it faster.  


Restoro is a system optimizer advised to be used by anyone with a slower computer. It contains many important features such as registry optimizer, malware remover, and more to make this possible. It is compatible with many Windows versions and hardware specifications. It is catered for all users regardless of computer technical knowledge. It has a free and a paid version.