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What is the Restoro Repair tool app?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 9, 2021

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Restoro is an application marketed for improving computer performance. Released for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, it is largely compatible for many computers. We take a thorough test of the application approach to fixing the PC issues by reviewing its features, interface, and performance effect.


Downloading the application

The app can be downloaded directly from its website. From here, you can have a good impression of the app because of the clean and simple design. Users can see customer testimonies, guides on how to use its features, and explanations about what it can do for your PC.

We were also able to browse its various pricing plans and packages to be explained in detail later.

Installing the app was a breeze. Here, we were able to sign the User Agreement License, choose a language for the app, and choose its destination path. The installation takes only a couple of minutes to finish. It also didn’t take too much of our computer memory.

Is it safe for the computer?

Before opening an app you download online, scanning it first should be your priority. After all, some files require the user to activate it first for it to start doing its malicious activity. For example, viruses start to replicate once opened, Trojans start to infect files when opened, and others.

We used both an antivirus and antimalware app for Restoro and was pleased to know that they were completely safe for the computer. It was detected as a genuine file. This means that it will not damage the PC in any way and can be safely installed and uninstalled at any time. Because of this, we were confident in opening the app.

Interface and scanning the computer

The interface can make or break a system optimizer. After all, these apps are designed for all types of users regardless of their technical proficiency. Greeting them with a lot of technical mumbo jumbo and complex tools can instantly make things harder for them.

Restoro avoids this and instead chooses a very simple yet useful interface. Upon opening the app, users are guided by its initial scanner. The app explains that it first needs to check the condition of the computer before being able to fix it which is expected for a system optimizer. The best part was that the app aptly described what it will do as to guide anyone who is still new to the process.

Scanning the computer

The application scans the PC for a maximum of 10 minutes. This varies depending on how many files you have and how many issues the computer has accumulated over the years. While you wait, you can freely use other applications.

After this, the application will report about the condition of your PC and specify which parts need immediate attention. After scanning, the user needs to purchase a license for the app for them to use its features for fixing.

This makes its free version only friendly for those who can manually fix the issues of their PC. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a license to let the app fix everything for you.

Restoro Pricing

Restoro has three pricing plans.

The first is the Basic Plan that gives a license for a single use of the app priced at $29.95. Next is the Premium plan for a single license good for 1 year which is priced at $39.9.5 Last is the Extended Plan with 3 licenses also good for 1 year and is priced at $59.95.

If you plan to purchase the product, we recommend the Premium plan as regular use of the apps is recommended.

Restoro Features

Once the license key is activated, users can get access to its different features. They offer a lot of these to ensure that an all-around fix will be provided.

One of their best ones is their operating system fixer. These scans and either fixes or replaces important system files using genuine ones. This ensures that important processes can run normally again.

They also have a good registry cleaning feature that can clear out corrupted and infected entries in the registry.

Their other features include a malware remover, system optimizer, and more.


After using Restoro, we felt an approximately 30% increase in the speed of applications. This shows the effectiveness of the application. The app was a breeze to use and is very useful for all users regardless of computer knowledge which is why it is definitely recommended.


·        Easy to use

·        Comes with a lot of features

·        Safe for the computer


·        Expensive one-time use plan

·        Limited features for free version

Restoro is a fast and easy app for improving computer performance. With its important features of operating system fixer, registry optimizer, and more, users can greatly improve PC performance with the app.