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Where can I find the most affordable pricing for Reimage Plus?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated February 7, 2021

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If your computer is starting to have slower performance, you may want to start consulting your software. Usually, most of the problems can be seen there. Examples of common culprits are corrupted files, too much data, and a scattered registry.

Reimage Plus is an all-in-one PC optimizer. It can check for different threats that affect your computer such as security and stability issues. You can then fix these through the same application.

How it works

Using Reimage Plus is easy and convenient even if you are not experienced with software issues. Its user interface instantly guides you towards the different steps in looking for the problems within your computer and fixing each of these.

Reimage Plus has the following features:

  • Repair and rebuild software issues – Reimage Plus can be used to look at the different components of your software and pick out the damaged ones. Some of these can even be files that come directly from Windows. The app can then replace these with functional ones to ensure better computer performance.
  • Fix damage causes by viruses – Viruses are one of the usual culprits for a slower computer performance. They can latch on to your files and spread further. They can then delete or corrupt these and cause damage to your software. Reimage can be used to detect the damage they have done to your PC and repair it.
  • Registry Optimizing – The registry of the computer keeps track of all the applications that are currently installed on it. In case you keep on uninstalling and installing applications, the registry will have scattered data inside it. Fixing it to be more efficiently stored can improve your PC’s performance.
  • Crashing and freezing fix – If your PC suffers from frequent crashing and freezing, it may be a sign that your hardware is outdated or that your software is filled with corrupted files. Reimage can be used to lessen these.
  • Privacy – Because you will be giving the application complete access to your files, Reimage ensures its users that their data will be completely private. They will not keep your information and use it for other purposes.
  • Mac Support – Aside from Windows, Reimage also has support for Mac users. It can be used for freeing up space, monitor the current condition of your storage, and to improve your computer’s performance.
  • Mobile Support – Reimage can be downloaded for Android users. Because smartphones also have their own software, they can also experience a variety of software problems that can cause slower performance. Reimage can be used to scan for problems within and to fix each one.


Currently, Reimage Plus offers two pricing plans.

The first plan gives you 1 license that comes with unlimited usage for one year. Formerly priced at $69.95, it is discounted to $39.95.

The second plan gives you three licenses and unlimited usage for one year. Formerly priced at $99.95, it is discounted to $59.95.

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