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Advanced System Repair Pro Review for 2020

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated September 26, 2020

Computer technician checking to see if a computer is broken

Advanced System Repair Pro quick review

Most computer starts to show signs of performance issues once it hits five years of usage. The usual signs of a slower computer include frequent freezing, application crashes, and the notorious Blue Screen of Death (or BSOD). This is especially prone if you frequently install and uninstall applications, download a huge number of files, and visit unsafe websites.  

While this may be common for all computer users, solutions to fix this vary. Some may simply choose to purchase a new PC just to be sure. Others may want to hire computer technicians for consultation and repair. However, most users are recommended to simply use computer optimizers. These are applications that are designed towards fixing issues within the PC, improving its speed and performance, and lengthening its lifespan. 

Pro Tip : Most computer users follow the 3 easy steps listed below for maximum results. The repairs are done automatically.

  1. Download & Run Advanced System Repair system optimizer. (Recommended)
  2.  Click Start Scan to identify all errors.
  3.  Click "Fix All" and that's it!


What can Advanced System Repair do?

Advanced System Repair Pro is a computer system optimizer application built for Windows PCs. The application is compatible for XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. The application was released on 2018. Its developers are based on Newport Beach, California. 

Advanced System Repair Pro is built to improve the performance of slower computersIt does this by using multiple features that are targeted towards tuning up the PC. The application was built to be able to fix the computer with only a couple of clicks from the user to make it easy to use. 

What features does Adanved System Repair have?

The features of Advanced System Repair Pro cover a lot of important parts of the computer to ensure that it its performance will be at peak once it is finished fixing.  

After the initial scan, the application will show all of the issues that it has found in the PC. This will let the user know about which activities they have done which have caused the computer to become slower. Usually, frequent uninstallation of applications and the presence of viruses are the common causes for a slower PC performance. 

The features of the application are shown in the left side. The following are the features of the app: 

  • System Scan – This feature is used to look at the current condition of the computer’s hardware. This displays information such as the current size of your hard drive, how much is used by files, the total amount of memory of the PC, and the amount of free memory inside.  
  • Privacy Traces – This feature looks at the current number of cookies in the PC which are files used by browsers to remember user preferences. In some way, it can cause the user to be traced and track while online. This may also cause some confidential information to be exposed to others. This feature can then delete these. 
  • Junk Files Scanner – This feature looks for leftover files within the computer that are mostly from uninstalled applications. It will then delete these for the user to be able to download more apps and files in their PC. 
  • Startup Optimizer – This feature scans for all the applications installed in the PC that are programmed to open during computer startup. Having too much of these can cause slower startups. It will then ask the user about which ones should only remain while the rest will be disabled.  
  • Registry Optimizer – The registry of the PC contains important data about all the applications that are currently installed in the computer. If there are entries within it that are corrupted, some applications may frequently suffer from crashes. This feature can be used to fix these entries as to improve the system stability. 
  • System Optimization – This feature looks at the current system settings of the applications and tweaks it for maximum computer performance. It takes into consideration the usage of the computer, its hardware quality, and more. 
  • Security Holes – This feature scans for security errors within the Windows system. In case it finds old versions of security protocols, corrupted entries, and the likes, it will download files directly from the Windows server as to replace these.
  • Driver Updates – This feature looks for drivers within the computer that are not updated and uses files directly from its manufacturers to keep it up to date. Drivers are the software which enables the software to interact with the hardware.  
  • Malware Threats – Viruses and malware usually cause computers to become slower. This can happen whenever it corrupts applications, infects the other files, and more. This feature scans the computer for these malicious files. It will then quarantine it from the rest of the files and delete it. 
  • Disk Defragmenter – The hard disk suffers from fragmentation if the user keeps on installing and uninstalling files. This result to gaps formed within the hard disk which makes loading times slower. This feature can be used to reduce these gaps as to make loading times faster. 
  • Corrupted Files and Errors – This feature looks for corrupted files of applications that may cause it to crash whenever opened. This will then fix it to ensure that the user will not experience issues while using these. 
Advanced System Repair customer support

The customer support for Advanced System Repair can be seen in their website. From here, instructions for its installation and license activate can be seen. Users can also request for refunds in case they are not satisfied with the application as long as it within 60 days. 

They can also submit a support ticket for specific inquiries. Lastly, they can ask for live chat support or phone support. 

Final review with Pros and Cons of Advanced System Repair Pro

Pros :

  • Has a simple and straightforward interface
  • Has flexible pricing plans 
  • Has abundant features to improve computer performance 
  • Has a 60-day money back guarantee 

Cons :

  • The free version is limited to scanning the whole computer 

Advanced System Repair Pro stands out because of its abundant features which can improve the PC performance with just a couple of clicks. It has flexible pricing plans that can accommodate different budgets or number of users. They also have a good customer support.