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Full Restoro Review in 2020

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated September 24, 2020

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Quick review of Restoro

Restoro’s main advantage over other applications is its online database which contains up to 25 million healthy Windows files that it can use to replace corrupted and damaged ones within the user’s PC. Aside from this, it is also filled with a lot of features that can improve system stability and security. All of this comes in a user-friendly and simple interface which users of all types of computer proficiency can use easily. 

What is Restoro?

Restoro is a system optimizer and a malware removal tool which can help users fix issues within their computers. It stands out among its competitors because of its variety of features, its easy interface, and its good user reviews.  

The application was launched in 2018 and has since then received good user reviews of Restoro because of its useful features and reliable fixing. It has its own research and design department that continuously updates the application to make it capable of fixing most PC issues.  

The application was built for the Windows operating system which makes it compatible for the following versions: XP, 7, 8, and 10. The application has a low hardware requirement, with PCs having at least 512 RAM capable of running it. 

Is Restoro Safe for my computer?

Currently, there are a lot of applications advertised online that claims to be a system optimizer. However, some of these apps are simply not effective or may even be a form of malware or a virus. The prevalence of unsafe applications masked as system optimizers make it hard for most users to trust in these apps for a good reason. 

Restoro is a safe application that most users will benefit from downloading. Starting from its website up to its installation and fixing process, users will not encounter any problems with the application. It does not corrupt your personal files, delete them, or track your activities.  

How to install Restoro on your computer

For users to start using the application, they simply need to download the installer from this website. From here, the installer will be downloaded. 

The installer is packaged simply as to make it easier for users to understand the privacy terms and agreements of the application. The whole process will only take less than five minutes to finish. 

Scanning your computer with Restoro

The first step that Restoro does to fix the computer is by doing a full scan. It will look for issues within the hardware, software, and security. This step will take only about five minutes up to ten minutes to finish depending upon the number of files stored in your computer. At the end, it creates a complete report which contains all of the issues that it has found in your PC. 

How to use Restoro features

Restoro contains a lot of features which can be used to fix the computer. These are primarily aimed towards three major computer parts: the hardware, software, and the security. 

Can Restoro fix hardware issues?

The hardware of the computer pertains to all of the parts that make up the physical part of the PC. This includes the hard drive, the motherboard, the RAM, and the likes. Restoro can be used to look at the current condition of these different parts and to create a report about it. From here, users can see if the applications they have downloaded in their PC are compatible with their hardware for them to decide if they should upgrade certain parts or to simply delete the applications which their PCs cannot run. 

An important note for users, though, is that Restoro does not technically fix the hardware issues of the computer by itself. It can only provide a full report of its condition to the users. 

Can Restoro fix software issues

The software of the computer includes the different processes that enable it to run, its applications, and the operating system. This is the main focus of Restoro’s features. 

For starters, the main highlight of Restoro is that it has an online database that contains up to 25 million healthy Windows files. If there are corrupted files within the PC, Restoro can simply replace it using the earlier mentioned files as to improve system stability and to lessen application crashing. 

After this, Restoro can then look for applications that frequently crash whenever users try to open them. This is usually a sign that its files have been corrupted. Restoro then repairs these as to ensure that they will always be stable enough to be used by the user. 

For PC’s, Windows is the operating system which facilitates the computer’s basic functions and features. However, over time, it may experience issues within it that can cause system instability. The registry, which is responsible for containing important data about all the applications installed in the computer, is prone to having corrupted or missing entries whenever the user keeps on installing and uninstalling applications. Restoro can be used to repair these and or to replace them to improve system stability and to prevent frequent system crashing. 

How can Restoro protect the safety of your computer

Lastly, Restoro scans for issues in the computer that may affect user privacy and security. These usually come in the form of viruses and spyware. 

These are files that cause a nuisance within the computer. These are usually accidentally downloaded by the users whenever they visit unsafe websites and download illegal files. If these are present in the PC, users may experience frequent random pop-ups, very slow computer files, and having files present in their computer which they did not download manually. The common ones are trojans, bots, ransomware, and more. 

Restoro can scan these from the system and quarantine all the files which are deemed unsafe. It will then delete these.  

Restoro User Interface

The interface of Restoro is built to be minimalist and simple. This is to help users focus on its features and data reports. It uses a predominantly gray screen along with helpful mini icons which simplifies the whole process of using it.  

Free vs. Paid versions of Restoro

Restoro can be downloaded and installed in the computer for free. The free version allows users to use the app to scan their computer’s issues.  

However, users can only have access to the features of the application once it is fully licensed.  

How often should you use Restoro

Users should regularly use the application as problems within the software can occur even with normal usage. It is advised for users to run the program once or twice a week to ensure maximum PC performance and speed. 

Pros and Cons of Restoro


  • Has an online database which contains up to 25 million files which can replace corrupted ones in the user’s computer 
  • Has a simple and easy-to-use interface 
  • Lots of good reviews of Restoro
  • Has features for hardware, software, and security issues 


  • None 
Final review of Restoro

The use of system optimizers has helped users save money from buying new computer by fixing the problems of their current computer. These are applications that are capable of improving the speed of the PC, removing viruses in it, and ensuring that it can be used for a longer time by fixing its software issues. These applications are recommended for all types of users.