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How to get Advanced System Repair Pro for free

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 11, 2021

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Advanced system repair pro is a utilities and system optimization software that was made especially for Windows PC. This is the one software you turn to whenever your system is corrupted by malware attacks or even if you simply feel that your PC has become somewhat sluggish.  

Advanced system repair pros can also perform real-time protection, registry optimization, patching security loopholes, and lots of other crucial functions that your PC would certainly need. 

 And that is what makes it one-stop software for most of your PC problems. But such tremendous capabilities would certainly come with a cost. Or is it possible that the advanced system repair pro is actually free? 

Is Advanced System Repair Pro Free?

Unfortunately no, advanced system repair pro is not free. You need to pay for its features and services. You can, however,  download and install it for free. You can even begin the deep scan process right after you finish the installation process.  

But once the deep scans are finished, you can only look at the results. If you want to fix the problems that were found by Advances System Repair Pro, then you have to buy the license key. But do keep in mind that just knowing the results of the deep scans itself is highly important. It could show you what and where the problems really are so you could do something about it. 

One thing to note, you do get somewhat of a try before you buy trial with the software. When you download Advanced System Repair Pro you can do a full system scan prior to actually buying the software. We like this as it gives you a chance to see the things it could fix before you spend any money.


Advanced System Repair Pro Free Fix Option

There is an option in Advanced System Repair Pro that would allow you to fix the problems for free. It's called the "Free Fix" option. This option allowed you to manually select the problems that were found during the scanning process and fix them one by one. 

It might sound like a good and free solution but you have to remember that on average, Advanced System Repair Pro's deep scans would find thousands of problems and potential optimizations. If it is an older PC or one that has been ravaged by malware, then that number could easily jump to tens of thousands of results. So manually selecting and fixing all of it one by one would take you hours, if not days. 

Is Advanced System Repair Pro worth it?

The best way to harness the full capabilities of Advanced System Repair Pro is certainly by using the paid version. It is easy to put a hefty price on products as powerful and as essential as Advanced System Repair Pro, but in order for this product to be able to be used by most people, it has to be affordable.  

That's why the developer decided to use subscription-based pricing. There are two different options available. The first one is a license for one PC and it costs $34.97, paid quarterly. The second one is a license for an unlimited amount of PCs and it costs $39.97, also paid quarterly.  

If you want the best bang for your buck, then I suggest going for the second option. That way, you and your family, friends, and colleagues could enjoy the power of Advanced System Repair Pro together. Because if you regularly use a PC, then you would need Advanced System Repair Pro.