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New Advanced System Repair Review

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated September 26, 2020

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Most computers suffer from performance issues after a while even with normal usageThis often comes in the form of frequent screen freezing, application lags, and system crashing. While some users may simply purchase a new computer to avoid such issues, they should first consider using system optimizers. 

System optimizers are applications which can be used to scan the issues in the computer, report them to the user, and fix all of them with just a couple of clicks. It is built to be regularly used to maintain maximum computer performance.  

Pro Tip : Most computer users follow the 3 easy steps listed below for maximum results. The repairs are done automatically.

  1. Download & Run Advanced System Repair system optimizer. (Recommended)
  2.  Click Start Scan to identify all errors.
  3.  Click "Fix All" and that's it!
Advanced System Repair

Advanced System Repair is an all-in-one system optimizer that gives a holistic repair for computers suffering from slow performance. Released back in 2018, the application continues to improve its features to better improve their customers’ PCs. Their company is based in Newport Beach, California. The application is available for Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. 

First impressions of Advanced System Repair Pro

Advanced System Repair’s installer can be found in its website. Their website has a modern and simple interface. From here, users can look at their certifications, features, and pricing plans. 

The installer of the application displays its privacy policy and agreement. By clicking the ‘Install’ button, the user agrees to these.  

The actual installation took only a couple of minutes to finish. Users can even use their other apps while the installer is running because it only takes a low amount of the PC’s memory. 

Upon opening, the application will instantly start a full scan of the computer. In this part, the application gathers data about those that its features will repair later. This includes current issues within the software, registry, and security holes. 

The application also shows the current condition of the computer’s hardware. This includes information about the hard drive’s current storage status, the total memory of the PC, and more. 

From its website and application design, Advanced System Repair proves to be one of the user-friendliest system optimizers. It uses a modern design for its main application, with the GUI’s colors changeable by the user (Blue, Silver, or Black) for maximum customization.  

The number of issues associated with the application’s feature (security holes, registry errors, etc) will be displayed beside them. Users can also take a look at each of these to get a comprehensive report about the current condition of their computer. 

Feature Set

The features of Advanced System Repair are focused on fixing the computer’s software and security issues. It can also help users see the current condition of their hardware. 

The following are the different features of the application: 

  • Privacy Traces – Cookies are tracking files which websites give to users for them to be able to remember their personal settings. However, this also makes it possible for them to constantly monitor the user’s activities. It can also be taken advantage by third-party advertisers. While this is allowed, users may still want to keep some of their privacy. This can be done by constantly deleting cookies from your browsers. Advanced System Repair can be used to scan these and then delete it from the computer. 
  • Junk Files – Over time, junk files may accumulate within the PC’s hard drive. This usually comes from uninstaller applications. Examples of these are system temporary files, backup copies, log files, and more. If left undeleted, it can take a huge chunk of the computer’s storage. Advanced System Repair scans this from the PC and deletes them to free up space for more applications. The app is capable of successfully sorting out files to ensure that the users’ files will not be deleted. 
  • Startup Optimizer – This feature scans for all of the applications that open alongside the PC. If there are too many of these, the PC startup may take longer to finish. With this feature, users can choose the specific applications which will be opening alongside the computer. To help users decide, the feature displays the amount of resources that each application uses including CPU, RAM, Net usage, and impact on startup. 
  • System Registry – The registry of Windows contains the lower-level settings of the computer. Whenever the user continuously installs and uninstalls application, the registry may start to have errors and corrupted entries. This may result to some applications crashing. Advanced System Repair can be used to repair this. 
  • Security Holes – The application can be used to look at the current condition of the computer’s security. It can then download genuine Windows files to fix these. This ensures that the user will be secure from any virus attacks and that their files will be safe from being corrupted by malicious files. 
  • Driver Updater – Advanced System Repair scans the computer to look for drivers that are not updated. These are computer files that allow the computer to use external hardware such as keyboards or printers. Advanced System Repair updates these using files directly from its manufacturers. 
  • Malware Threats – The application can scan out malicious files present in the computer. This can be viruses or spyware that have been downloaded by the computer by browsing through unsafe websites or by downloading illegal content. Advanced System Repair displays the severity level of each file and lets users decide which ones should not be deleted in case it was wrongly identified as a virus. 
  • Disk Defragmentation – The hard disk of the computer contains all of the files currently installed. Whenever users install and uninstall applications, gaps may form in between these files. This makes it harder for the hard disk to load whenever applications are opened. Advanced System Repair’s disk defragmentation feature allows users to delete these gaps in between files to allow faster PC performance.  
  • Corrupted Files and Errors – Advanced System Repair can be used to scan for corrupted files within the hard disk and to repair them. This is because when left on its own, it can cause some applications to crash while running. It can also be a reason for slower PC performance. 

At the end of the scan, the overall results will be displayed for the users to see. It also comes with recommendations by the application that tells whether it should be cleaned, fix, or optimized. 

After the initial scan, the application can then start fixing the different issues of the computer. The user simply needs to click the “Fix All Now” button once they have reviewed the comprehensive report of the scan. This makes fixing the computer an easy process no matter the computer expertise of the user. 

Users are advised to regularly do a maintenance for their computer by using the application at least twice per month or more for those which suffer from very slow performance.  

Free version

Advanced System Repair’s free version is technically the original application without a licenseHowever, this only comes with limited functionality as it requires a license for the user to use the featuresThis means that users are only entitled for a free scan of their computer’s issues. This is only helpful for those who can manually fix the issues of their computer. 

In comparison, other system optimizing application such as Ashampoo WinOptimizer and CCleaner already offer some of their important features such as junk cleaner and security traces cleaning even for its free version. Users looking for a completely free experience will not be satisfied with Advanced System Repair. 


With system optimizers, users will naturally surrender some of their privacy to the application. This is because before using its features, it first needs to see your files and review the ones which have issues that may affect system stability and performance. This makes some worry that their files may be exposed to third-parties and that they may not have much privacy with these types of applications. 

Advanced System Repair recognizes this and has created a page dedicated for this in their website. Currently, they have the following certifications: 

  • AppEsteem Certification – This organization is led by former cybersecurity executives of Microsoft. Their certification is given for apps that promote clean marketing practices and develop clean applications. They are trusted by anti-malware companies and software vendors. 
  • Checkmark Certification – This certification is given to applications that have gone through a rigorous online testing. Software that are able to meet a strict set of criteria which analyzes its security the ones given accreditation. 
  • Membership – This is a membership-based organization that accepts applications which promote consumer privacy and industry compliance. It is comprised of known software applications. 
  • WestCoast Labs Certification – This certification is given to applications that have undergone a comprehensive testing by WestCoast Labs. They are a leader in terms of certification and research to ensure that products and services are reliable for consumers. 

The application is currently waiting for a patent for their technology.  

The application currently has a rating of A in Better Business Bureau which shows that they are willing to resolve customer’s requests and complaints. 

The application is not malware or virus as it manages to improve PC performance without compromising user privacy. It also does not corrupt or deletes files. Lastly, it can be uninstalled any time. 

Customer Support

For customer support, Advanced System Repair has a helpful FAQ posted in their website. It answers questions about installation, activation, refund, and subscription. 

They also support a “live chat” that works like a submit support ticket feature because it still requires a day before inquiries can be answered through e-mail. Their responses were clear and concise, though. 

Aside from this, Advanced System Repair also offers separate articles specifically about malware and disk fragmentation. This can be especially helpful for those without much knowledge of the computer.This can also help users adjust their computer usage. 


Advanced System Repair is a reliable computer optimization application that contains a lot of features for improving system stability and PC performance. Its features range from a registry optimizer, junk cleaner, to more complicated ones. Its main highlight is its user friendliness which can be seen through its user-intuitive design and its simple interface. 

Its pricing plans are flexible in terms of the number of users. Its customer care is standard for all system optimizers, too. The only downside to the application is its lacklustre free version when compared to other system optimizers. 

Advanced System Repair is a recommended system optimizer because of its abundance of features that are targeted towards different parts of the PC including the registry, storage, and more. These are all in one user-friendly and straightforward interface. Lastly, it offers pricing plans that can accommodate a lot of users.