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Updated Advanced System Repair Pro Review

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated October 17, 2020

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If there's one certain thing in life, it's the fact that your computer will lose it's performance someday. Whether because of its age, lack of maintenance, or even due to malware attack, every computer will inevitably deteriorate.  

When such a thing finally happens to your computer, you can easily found help and solutions from the internet, ranging from removing unused programs to total reinstallation of your operating system.  

If those solutions seem daunting to you, then the alternative is using a Windows repair software. In this article, we're going take a look at one such software with our in depth Advanced System Repair Pro review.

About Advanced System Repair Pro

Advanced System Repair Pro (ASRP) is a PC cleaner and optimization software for Windows computers. It works by doing three main steps to your computer, which is scans, fix, and optimize. 

It goes like this, first, ASRP will deep scan your computer. Then it will fix anything that has been causing problems to your PC. After that, it will monitor your system and optimize it so that it could always run at its peak performance.  

Advanced System Repair Pro is the main product of the company Advanced System Repair. Inc. It was founded in 2017 by its CEO, Cashier Myricks Jr., and based in Newport Beach, California.  

It is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2019 and has received multiple certifications from well-known technology companies like Microsoft and Intel, among others.  

Features of Advanced System Repair Pro
  • can you do to fix it. 
  • Clean up junk files. The first step towards fixing your PC is to clean up all kinds of junk files that have been eating up your storage space. Depending on what you regularly do with your computer, these junk files could take up to several Gigabytes of your storage. Cleaning it will not only free up all of that space but also drastically increased your computer performance. 
  • Fixing Registry. When you install any kinds of programs, it will make certain changes in your registry, whether upon installation or during everyday uses. When the time comes for you to uninstall the programs, sometimes, the registries that have been changed would stay intact. That could lead to problems down the line. So, fixing and cleaning it up to its optimal settings would increase the overall health of your PC. 
  • Startup Optimizer. When you boot up your computer, some software may also start to run at the same time. it is usually something like antivirus or iTunes, but there may be programs installed in your computer that will run itself during start-up without you even realizing it. Advances System Repair Pro will judge which software needed during start up and turn off the rest, so you can have much faster performance, especially during the initial start up period. 
  • Malware threats and security holes. Microsoft rolls up updates for its system regularly, usually to patch any security issues or to optimize the system. Given how often they release it, you might miss some critical updates which may lead to malware infecting your system or other critical security holes. Advances System Repair Pro will look at the state of your system and compares it with its database and find Windows update that is missing from your computer. If it found any malware during the deep scans, it will also automatically put it in quarantine and clean the infected files.  
  • System errors & Corrupted files. Whether it's because of malware attack, security holes, or hundreds of other things that could go wrong with your PC, Advanced System Repair Pro will fix every errors and return the corrupted system files to its normal state. This will not only optimize your computer, but it will also save it from any future error, if you let ASRP to regularly maintain it. 
  • Privacy Traces. To enhance your browsing experience, every website would leave cookies on your computer. Cookies are used so that the website remembers you and your preferences when using their site, such as to keep you login on Facebook or to keep your language preference in any multilingual websites. But there is a privacy risk in keeping those cookies for a long time, especially when it's come from a suspicious website that you accidentally come across one day. That's why it is recommended to regularly clean them up from your computer. ASRP will notify you about the cookies and it's website origin that currently resides in your PC and then cleans them up. 
  • Driver Updates. To further optimize your computer, Advanced System Repair Pro would also check your drivers, find the updates if available, then installed it for you. An updated driver would ensure the smooth performance of every component of your PC. 
Pros and Cons of using Advance System Repair Pro

a one-click solution to all of your PC problems and optimizations. 

 After installation, you will be presented with a simple and straightforward user interface with a big "Scan" button in the middle. Upon finishing the scans, the result will be displayed in an organized and easy to understand manner. All you need to do then is click the "Fix, Clean, and Optimize" button and you're done.  

The biggest reason against it is the pricing system. The software itself is free to download and you can use its scan features right away but if you want to fix those issues then you have to purchase their license.  

There are three licenses available and the cheapest one is currently US$39.97 for three months. That is a discounted price, the official website listed the real price for a one computer license like that as US$99.97 per three months. No matter how you see it, that is super expensive.  

Using the discounted price, you need to pay US$159.88 per year for their service. Just for a comparison purposes, a lifetime license for Windows 10 Home edition costs US$139 for one computer.  

They do have a free "manual fix" option on the software, but when you have thousands of system errors and corrupted files to fix, checking and fixing it manually would take a very long time.

Should you use Advanced System Repair Pro 

Advanced System Repair Pro offers a very easy and potentially beneficial solution to a problem that would affect every PC owner in the world.  This is why we have given them a top ranking in our overall rankings for system utilities.