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AVS Video Editor Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 12, 2021

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Video editing software ranges in terms of complexity. From being able to simply cut, splice, and trim videos to those capable of turning green screens into lavish backgrounds, these apps cater to different users. Before buying one, users should be aware of their video editing skills. They also need to know the exact type of videos that they want to edit in the future. After this, they can start analyzing the actual different tools and features available in an app so that they can purchase one that exactly fits their needs. This article will be an analysis of AVS Video Editor.

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor was made by Online Media Technologies. Now in its 8th version, the application is known as one of the simplest and easiest to use. The application was made for Windows computers. Everything about it can be learned from the first use of the application. This can be seen with its straightforward interface, its features that are thoroughly explained, and the countless wizards that can give you a guide on how to create videos. In fact, if you have already used video editing staples like Adobe Premiere and Filmora, using the application will be a breeze.

The application even has a library of different video tutorials that can teach you how each part works. It contains a full MIDI music, timeline editor, and drum machine that can help jumpstart your video editing.

AVS Video Editor Features

Much like with other video apps, users simply need to put all the videos and images to be used in the app. This can then be dragged on the timeline on the video. From here, you can change its length, its speed, and its size. Users can also insert audio clips easily.

To aid in the creation of the video, users can choose between putting texts in between (such as for titles and credits), transition animations, and more. There is also a quick rendering available in the top-right of the app where you can see the progress of your work.

The application allows users to record audio clips inside the app which you can then attach to your project. It also allows picture-in-picture for collages and compilations. You can also create a menu for your video clips in case you want to burn it into a DVD.

Saving the video or exporting it for final use is also very easy. The time for this generally depends on the video memory and RAM of the computer. Based on our tests, it can create videos without any issues such as stuttering audio, lagging frames, and the likes.

Should you buy it?

AVS Video Editor is recommended for those looking for a very simple video editor. It contains all its necessities and puts it in a very straightforward interface that many can instantly get familiar with. The application has a lot of good tools that can aid in putting transitions, effects, and more in your video. Finalizing and exporting it is also very easy.

However, some users who are capable of more complex designs may be very disappointed with the video. It only contains the basics and may only be fitted for those who want to do simple presentations, video montages, and the likes.


AVS Video Editor is an excellent choice for those looking for a simple and solid video editor. The app will guide users thoroughly through its different features. They can also easily get familiar with it because of the intuitive interface they have. Its video editing capabilities are limited but are excellent in what it does. It is recommended for those who want to simply connect videos with each other, put simple texts, and put simple transition animation. For more complex capabilities, users are recommended other apps such as Filmora, Adobe Premiere, and CyberLink PowerDirector.

AVS Video Editor is recommended for those who want a simple video editing tool. It has all the basics such as video splicing, texts, and transition animations. It is a solid choice if you want basic video editing tools. For those who need more complex features, the app is not for you.


·        Very simple features

·        Has a lot of guides

·        Simple and intuitive interface

·        Good video exporting quality


·        Limited in features