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How to install and uninstall AVS Video Editing software in your computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 17, 2021

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AVS Video Editing software is created as a straightforward application for beginners and those who only want simple features. The application has a lot of features for transitions, video filters, and more. The application has minimal system specifications that makes it compatible with many computers. The application can create montages, compilations of pictures, and more. The application is armed with a very simple interface that shows all of the different features easily and without much complexity. Because of this, users will have no difficulty in getting familiar with it.


How to install AVS Video Editing software

The application can be downloaded on their website. Through here, you can download an installer of the application. This contains the user agreement license, the installation path, and the language for the application. The application is compatible with Windows computers that have Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 for its version which is why many users can download it. Unfortunately, it is still not available for Linux and Mac computers. It also has very low system specifications by only requiring 2 GB of RAM, any dual core processor, and a basic video card. The application only takes less than 200 MB off the hard disk.


How to use AVS Video Editing software.

First, users will need to add pictures, video clips, and audios to the video. These can then be dragged into the timeline of the video. Here, users can freely cut, splice, and rearrange the different files. A quick rendering of the current video can be seen in the upper right corner of the application for users to see the progress of their editing.

Users can also create the video that they will put in the clip directly in the application. They can use their computer webcam or this. This can then be directly added and edited.

The videos can also be added to have more transition effects, filters, changes to its color, and even have a new background with its use of chroma key.

After creating your video, you can then export it to create a full video clip. This can then be uploaded online or published in a CD or DVD of your choice. This can also be done through the application. The process takes only a couple of minutes to finish, which is why the application is very convenient to use.

How to uninstall AVS Video Editing software.

In case you are not satisfied with the application, you can easily uninstall the app. The process is similar to uninstalling other apps. Users simply need to visit their File Manager, look for the list of all the apps installed in their computer, and then uninstall AVS Video Editor. This will then delete all traces of the app yet retain all of the videos that you have created. This also only takes a couple of minutes to finish as the app has a very small file size.



AVS video editor has a very simple process for installing, requiring users to simply download the installer through the website. From here, they can fully use the features of the application and create videos based on their preference. The application can be uninstalled just like any other app. It does not leave any additional traces. The videos you have made will also not be deleted.