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Best VPN for your money in 2020

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated November 23, 2020

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It would be very unfair to talk about the best VPN for money by comparing the prices alone. The most important aspect is the value you will get at that particular price. Therefore, when looking for the best VPN for money, it is prudent to pick a balanced service that can handle the most common task perfectly.  

We tested various top VPN providers and compared their value for money considering the offers and discounts that you will get with their best deals. We have given all the details of our findings in this article.


You have been operating on some misconception that ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive providers. However, you don’t consider the added advantages the provider offers. In essence, ExpressVPN offers the best VPN deal and discount yet maintains the highest service quality in the industry.  We did a full review of VPNs and found that Express VPN was the best.

Despite all the good reputations you have known it for, the company offers a 1-year plan with a 49% discount on the monthly plan. The best part, you will have 3 months free with this annual deal. This means that your 1-year subscription will run for 15 months. This is definitely the best deal you will get in the market today.  

We don’t want to go deep into their services because I’m sure you are aware this is always the top-ranked provider when it comes to services. The most commonly sought after services of a VPN provider are perfectly offered here.  


For those who are looking for a different level of VPN connection, Nord provides just that. The provider offers a dedicated IP option. In addition, with one of the largest servers in a relatively smaller server location, you are sure to connect to the uncrowded nearest server for faster browsing, torrenting, and streaming speed. The good news is, 99% of its servers are optimized for such activities.  

The company has experienced a severe seizure before and since then, invested a lot in securing your data. Nord has the longest list of security features you will find in the market, leave alone a series of security audits that the company has undergone. With that being said, you can fully trust this provider with your data.  

As if that is not enough, the provider offers one of the best deals you will get in the market today. Their best deal is the two years subscription plan which gives a 68% discount. But if you feel that would be a lot of money to pay at once, you can still enjoy a 24% discount with the 6 monthly plan 


Surfshark is not just a winner newcomer but also the best value for money. Despite coming into existence in 2019, the company already backs its services with a lot of offers and discounts.   

Its 2 years plan that guarantees an 81% discount is simply the best. We realized that you can as well set a reminder in 23 months to see if you can talk the 2 years plan into a continued discount. With such a level of generosity at a tender age, it is hard to imagine where you will see them in the next five years. Not to mention the fact that it is the only provider that allows unlimited simultaneous devices connection as at now.  


CyberGhost is known for having the largest server in the market. Over 7,000 servers in more than 90 countries is a massive coverage. We do recommend this for someone seeking to connect to the nearest uncrowded server. But if you want the best class in securing your data, consider the above-mentioned ones.  

What everyone will like about this provider is the friendly user interface. Its servers and other features are neatly organized into categories. You will see the servers grouped like, servers for torrenting, NoSpy servers, servers best for use with static IP addresses, and servers best for streaming. For that reason, it doesn't require a steep learning curve for the new users.   

CyberGhost is one of the most generous when it comes to pricing. It comes with a monthly plan, 1 year, plan, 2 years plan and 3 years plan to choose from. A year plan offers a discount of 69% of the monthly plan but the 2 years plan is even cheaper. Its best plan is the 3 years plan that offers an 82% discount. 


This is another provider with a number of unique features. Among them is the configurable interface that is very ideal for those who want to learn what a VPN does below the lid. In addition, it is also one of the best for streaming. It is Netflix friendly and one of the very few that supports Kodi media players. 

 However, their monthly plan is not very friendly on your pockets when compared to its competitors. That is why the company is trying to lure you towards their generous 1-year plan that offers a 57% discount on the monthly plan. All in all, given its services and unique features, this one of the providers that offers the best value for your money.  


TunnelBear has a reasonable speed and security that is constantly improving. Its 1,800 servers in more than 23 countries is a good number.  

One of its top scores is privacy transparency. It is committed to publishing results about its own security audits and an annual transparency report. This makes it one of the providers you are sure to trust with your data.   

That is made even better with their generous 3 years plans that offer a 67% discount on the monthly plan. Besides, the monthly plan isn't too expensive either.  


This provider has some plus in its services particularly privacy yet remains among the best in terms of charges.  To begin with, it was recently verified by a third-party audit as one of the providers with a true no user log retention. Besides, it supports Bitcoin payment which is a data privacy feature in itself. And to crown it all, it was the first provider to fully implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As such, you don't want to trust any other provider with your data other than this one.  

Despite being such a secure VPN company, they offer one of the most generous plans. It comes with a one month plan, 6 months plan, and a year plan. The 6-month plan offers a 24% discount off the monthly plan. The best is a year plan that makes you save 62%. 

Final thoughts

There is no other better VPN service for the money than the ones we have discussed. You have helped you select the provider that will give you the best value for money and also highlighted some of the unique features that its competitors have. For that reason, you can now make an informed decision when purchasing the providers.