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CyberGhost VPN vs NordVPN , who is better?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 10, 2021

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Virtual Private Networks keep us anonymous whenever we browse the internet. This is a great luxury rarely given nowadays with the abundance of tracking tools used by third-party advertisers, social media tools, and even the government who wants to see the websites we visit and the data that we regularly consume. With VPNs, users can hide their IP address online and even access content reserved only for some countries. Choosing the best one may spell the difference between safety, browsing speeds, and features which is why it is important to compare your choices.

In this article, we will be comparing CyberGhost VPN against NordVPN.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is a service created in Bucharest, Romania. It is available for a wide variety of platforms such as iPhones, Android, Mac, PC, and more. They are known for having a wide variety of available security protocols such as IPSEC and PPTP. They can be paid either through credit card or cryptocurrencies to increase the anonymity of its users. They are one of the most popular choices for VPNs because of their flexible pricing plans, abundant features, and good customer support.


NordVPN is a very popular choice for many users. It is also available for a lot of devices such as Linux, Android TV, Android phones, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It can also be connected to Wireless routers and other devices. The company is based in Panama which is free from the government requirements that make it mandatory for companies to get data information from its users. This makes their data logging policies very reliable.

This feature is very popular for a lot of users because of its highly reliable security, good browsing speeds, and abundance of features.

CyberGhost vs NordVPN head to head comparison

To fairly compare the two VPNs, we will use several criteria for this. This includes the security provided, their different features, and the ease of using their applications. Find out who is the better provider for your VPN needs in our head to head comparison between Nord and Cyberghost.


When it comes to security, the main thing we should measure is how much the application can hide your actual IP address when you are online. This can be tested by detecting IP leaks, checking the security protocols of the application, and checking if websites can detect your actual location.

We tested both VPNs for any DNS and IP leaks and were glad to see that both had no problems with their results. Almost all of the servers that we tested with both companies showed that our true IP address was hidden from the websites that we visited. This makes it sure that we were completely anonymous while we browsed the internet.

Next, we tested the security protocols of both companies. Both use the AES-256-bit encryption which is considered as military-grade because of its tight protocols that are hard to hack and are almost impossible to bypass. Aside from this, they also offer other types of security protocols such as OpenVPN and IPSec in case the user prefers this. Users are given freedom in their security settings which makes the service very easy to use.

In conclusion, both services give utmost security to its users.


The best part about using VPN services is that you can access foreign content not available for your country in streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.

Upon testing, both services were able to unblock the major streaming services in almost all of its servers. We were also able to receive speeds good enough for having no lags even for HD streaming and downloading which shows good performance for both services.

Both companies also offer reliable money-back guarantees. Upon testing, their customer representatives were smooth to talk with and were informed about the policies of the company. As long as it is within their guaranteed date, users can easily ask for a refund.

Both services also have dedicated servers just for torrenting. This ensures that downloading large amounts of data can be done fast and securely at the same time as torrenting is particularly risky for your personal data.

Both companies also have very reliable logging policies. This ensures that the company will not get any of your browsing data and will not be gathering your private information. This is an important feature as it ensures that you will receive maximum anonymity while using their service.


When using a VPN service, it is almost expected that you will get lower speeds. This is mainly because services like this encrypt your data and also send it to their server to make you anonymous. Because of this, to measure their speed, we must measure how much it made our internet speeds slower.

We used a test PC located in the USA with an internet speed of 70 MBPS. When we selected the server that the app chose for us based on the fastest speeds, we only received a 5-10% decrease in terms of speed with both applications.

When tested with areas further away from the USA, there were some differences between two.

CyberGhost had a decrease of up to 30% when tested in European countries while NordVPN only suffered from 20%. Tested in Asian countries such as Singapore and Japan, both services lost only a maximum of 40% loss.

Although this is a minor difference, it shows that NordVPN has faster speeds in some areas which gives it an advantage. Even with this, both services are good for gaming, downloading, and streaming.


NordVPN’s base pricing plans are $3.71 per month while CyberGhost is $1.99 which means that the former is definitely more expensive. With its features, security, and speeds compared, we did not find much difference between the two. Because of this, we recommend both services but prefer Cyberghost for the price while NordVPN for the speed. If you would like to find out more information read our full CyberGhost CPN review!