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Does NordVPN have a 3 day trial?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated November 14, 2020

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If you haven't used a VPN before, it could be very hard to understand what it will do to you. For that reason, most VPNs services offer free trials or money-back guarantees. Depending on the provider you select, you can access all their services, or part of their services with their free trial so that you make a more informed decision when purchasing the provider.  

Nord is not left behind either. Being one of the leading providers, it gets new users more often. As such, the company is doing whatever it takes to impress the newcomers. The company was known to be offering 3 days free trials, which they later improved to 7 days trial. But right now, the company has canceled all the deals to come up with a better feature called, 30 days money-back guarantee.  

So if you are interested in knowing whether the company still has their 3 days trials, the simple answer is no. In fact, there are no official free trials for NordVPN now. However, there is a legitimate way to get the 3 days free trial. Are you wondering how? Here we go… 

How Do You Get a 3 Day Free Trial With Nord?

By canceling the free trials, the company introduced something much better. You can now have a risk free 3 days or as many as 30 days free trials. This is possible courtesy of 30 days money back policy.   

With the money-back policy, you can choose any of the NordVPN plans as a new subscriber. With the plan, you can browse, stream, torrent, and even check on the provider's security features. Within 30 days, you can unsubscribe and ask for your money back if you are not satisfied. That means you can decide to unsubscribe within the 3 days if that is all you wanted and have your money back. The company always complies with its policy and will give you a refund just after some basic questions.  

Will you get your money back if you don't unsubscribe within 30 days? The simple answer is no! Unlike the official 3 days free tria with NordVPNl, the deal is only valid when you unsubscribe. 

Was the Original 3 Day Trial a Better Deal?

While many companies will call their trial services free, it comes with costly limitations! If you will be testing the provider on bandwidth-intensive services like torrenting, or streaming, you will realize that.  

In essence, free trial services are just but weak versions of the paid-for versions. For instance, most of the providers don’t offer free trial services with watertight privacy policies. The free services mean you risk your privacy as well. You know how privacy is a key factor to a VPN service. Not to mention the limited trial time that they offer. Will three days be enough to test an advanced VPN provider like Nord?   

The company had to cancel the free deals because the services compromised their own security as well. The company posted on their Twitter account after canceling the services that the free services were invaded by scammers. They took control of the company's infrastructure in many ways. The company also admitted that the advantages that the free services offered were very insignificant compared to the limitations.  

The money-back-guarantee policy will give the real picture of the provider without compromising on anything for 30 days. You will have an electrifying speed as Nord usually offers it in its full version plus all the streaming strength, torrenting speed, and all the security features perfectly functioning. The policy is described as a risk-free money-back guarantee because you don't risk your privacy during the test.  

Final thoughts on NordVPN and their free trials.

NordVPN VPN no longer has the 3 days of trial services. The service was upgraded to 7 days free trial which was later canceled citing several drawbacks including security issues. For that reason, the company introduced a risk-free 30 days money back policy that works much better than the free versions. The policy enables you to subscribe and test all the Nord features without any limitation for 30 days free when you unsubscribe.