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IPVanish vs ExpressVPN, who should you choose?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 12, 2021

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VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are tools which you can use to hide your IP address. This makes it possible to look like you are located in Asia even if you’re in America. With this anonymity, you can avoid trackers from being able to track your activities. This also gives you more protection against identity theft which is quite rampant nowadays that credit card information and personal information are stored online. 

Among VPNs, two of the famous pics are ExpressVPN and IPVanish. This article will compare the two in terms of security, pricing, interface, and more.


The main purpose of purchasing a VPN subscription is to have unlimited security within its duration. The two brands are both very reliable for this. This is proven through many security tests that we did for both brands.

First, both brands use the 256-bit AES encryption. This is the industry standard nowadays as it is military-grade and makes decoding your information very hard for hackers. If they try to access your info, they will only see unreadable codes. 

Next, we tested how good the brands are for preventing DNS or the IP address. This is important as being able to access someone’s address enables the third-party to track the websites that they visit which is definitely uncomfortable for many. Upon testing, both ExpressVPN and IPVanish were able to completely hide this information.

Lastly, we also tested if these services have a kill switch feature. This automatically disconnects you to the internet in case the security protocols of the application are overridden. This ensures that you will not be detected by any third parties even if this happens. Both applications have this feature. 

Winner: Both applications


When it comes to features, the main one that we expect is being able to unblock the geographically based locks of streaming services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. This is a good measure of the strength of their encryption.

ExpressVPN is the clear winner for this. Upon testing, it was able to bypass the filters of most streaming services. There were no problems with streaming and downloading the content. 

On the other hand, IPVanish had some problems with specific sites such as BBC iPlayer and ABC. This might be a big factor for some. 

A good feature that both applications have is unlimited torrenting. This allows you to safely do this downloading method without the chance of leaking any of your personal information.

Both VPNs also have a lot of gadgets that they can protect including Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. They can also connect to the router to give protection to every gadget that connects to it.  So in this aspect of IPVanish vs. ExpressVPN we would say it is close enough to call it a tie.


When it comes to pricing, users are expected to pay for as much as they receive. Aside from basic security, the features added to the application is also a good factor to consider.

IPVanish is the cheaper of the two, with a starting point of $3.75. ExpressVPN has a start point of $6.67.

Both companies also do not have any free trials. An exception is for iOS users for ExpressVPN, though. 

Both of them also have a money-back guarantee that can be accessed within 30 days of purchase. This makes it excellent for users who may find some features lacking. 

Final thoughts / Our Winner

In the end, both services are very advisable. When it comes to advantages, IPVanish has a cheaper starting point while ExpressVPN has better geo-unblocking capabilities.  So if you are looking for just the cheapest VPN that can get most of the jobs done then IPVanish is your choice. However, if it were us and the difference in cost between the two is not a concern we would 100% suggest ExpressVPN in the battle between ExpressVPN vs. IPVanish.