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PrivateVPN and their free trial

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 29, 2021

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It is important to test out products and services before cashing out on them. Most people usually go for reviews and other users' words which is a good idea, but with a VPN, no one knows better than you when it comes to understanding your needs. Taking someone’s words for it may be a bit misleading. That is why most VPN providers offer free trials.

Does Private VPN Offer a Free Trial?

It is very common with most VPN providers to offer free trials with 30 days money-back guarantees, and Private VPN is not left behind either. However, its free trial services and policies are kind of unique. For one reason, you have to provide your card details and make a payment before you begin the trial!

So, is Private VPN trial really free? The trial service is refundable if you cancel your subscription within the 30 days. Only in such cases would we be talking of free trial service. Otherwise, in an event that you are impressed with the provider, the trial service will not be free because you will not be able to claim the trial refund.

To get the free trial plan, go to their website, and click ‘Get Privatevpn’. Choose the length of the plan that you are comfortable with. The good news, all the plans are covered under the 30 days money-back guarantee. Enter your details then choose your preferred payment method. Download the Private VPN app on your device and enjoy all their premium services with no strings attached.

What next if you are not impressed? Honestly, this is not a provider you would just test and dump. It has all the features you may need on your Smartphone as we shall see later in this article. With that being said, chances are that you will cling to it after trials. However, I can't assume the fact that canceling the subscription and claiming for a refund is a possibility. If that is the case, getting your money back isn’t difficult, though it doesn’t follow the same process most providers use.

To begin with, there is no automatic cancellation process. All cancellation requests must go through the support team. As you may expect, you will have to answer one or two questions, though not lengthy and complicated. The obvious one being the reason for cancellation. I went through the process in my review and I have to warn that the customer support team can be slow at times. In my case, I received a refund the same day after more than 16 hours of waiting.

What are the Features of Private VPN?

Security and Privacy: is private VPN safe?

The simple answer is yes. Private VPN is a small growing provider owned by privat kommunikation AB and it operates under the jurisdiction of Sweden. As you may be aware, the country is subject to EU retention law and intelligence-sharing agreement. However, the provider has a legitimate zero-log policy. Meaning, the company doesn’t have the subscriber information and they will not find your information to give to the authorities when asked to comply with the sharing agreement.

Apart from the strict no-log policy, the provider boasts impressive 256-bit encryption which is a stronger bit. However, the bit is adjustable and for more speed, you can use a 128-bit. SHA256 is used for authentication together with a 2,048 RSA and 2,048 DHE with perfect forward secrecy.

In addition, top-shelf features like leaking protection and automatic kill switch are available. That means your DSN, IPv6, and WebRTC information leaks, as well as your traffic, are secured at all times. 



Private VPN has really improved on the number of servers that they provide. Currently, they boast a whopping 150+ servers across 60 different countries. However, considering the ratio of the servers to countries, the number of servers is still fairly small and this may be a threat to connection speed. Given that the company is constantly expanding its network, we anticipate a different story to tell in the near future.


Speed- how fast is a Private VPN?

Even though Private VPN is a small network with just 150 servers shared in several countries, I was surprised to discover how fast it operates. In my test on speed in different regions, i.e. North America, Europe, and Asia, the provider was able to bag an average of 92 Mbps, 58 Mbps, and 62 Mbps respectively. It is worth noting that the test is just a general indicator. The outcome is determined by several factors so no test can be considered definite. Expect to see some small or even large discrepancies depending on the network of your location.


Streaming - Does Private VPN support Netflix and other platform streaming?

One good thing with a VPN is that it enables you to access streaming services that may be normally unavailable in your region. A private VPN is an expert in this as well. It does not only unblock multiple Netflix libraries but also unblocks several other sites too. This includes ITV Hub, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, Disney, and Hulu.

I was able to open many catalogs including Brazil, Canada, the US, UK, Japan, France, Australia, and Spain. The provider makes your work even easier by listing server selections which are most effective for streaming in every region. 

Torrenting Features: Is Private VPN Good for Torrenting?

This provider is one of the best for torrenting due to a host of privacy features, and fast uploads and downloads. Even more, it has a port forwarding that enables you to connect to more pears in a swarm. 

Pricing - how much does a Private VPN charge?

A private VPN is pocket friendly particularly when you go for the annual package. Though compared to most top vendors you know of, they are just on the same level. In fact, it is much more expensive than NordVPN which is one of the top VPN providers.

You can opt for a monthly payment of $7.67 or three months payment that calculates down to $4.88 a month. But the best is an annual package which is an equivalent of $3.82 per month. Even more, payment is a breeze thanks to the myriad payment options that include major credit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

User Experience and Support

Private VPN offers live chat service and email support together with comprehensive web tutorials. The live chat was available 24 hours and that should be it. However, some users have complained that the service support is sometimes unavailable. That could be a problem with the company or your network. For that reason, when you encounter such a scenario, a little bit of patience could help.

To rest the whole thing to bed, a Private VPN is worth trying. Take advantage of the free trial service, enjoy their premium services, and make your own decision. Feel free to share with us your experience.