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Proton VPN versus NordVPN

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated October 18, 2020

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What is Proton VPN


Proton VPN is available in 54 countries with 1,061 servers and 1,241 Gbps capacity and can be connected with up to 10 devices simultaneously.  

Proton VPN offers two types of services: free and paid. For a free version they are offering: 

  • 1 VPN connection  
  • Servers in 3 countries 
  • Medium speed 
  • No-logs policy and ad blocking 

There is also a paid service: Basic, Plus (with the best offer), and Visionary. Proton VPN is designed both for individuals and for businesses. For the best security, Proton VPN works with two OpenVPN variants. For that reason, the service can result in lower speed and higher prices, but in the end, their users will get impeccable encryption.  

One of the best features Proton VPN offers is the Secure Core feature. This feature has its own technology that deceives the traces of your activity by sending them through several secure servers. These servers are located in Switzerland, Iceland and Sweden where there are strong and strict privacy laws that enable anyone, especially hackers, to identify your IP address.  

 Other Proton VPN features are: 

  • Automatic Kill Switch feature 
  • IKEv2/IPSEc and OpenVPN protocols 
  • No logs policy  
  • Open source Tor support  
  • Identity protection when signing up 
  • P2P support 

One of their main points is their location in Switzerland. Not just that, the company is claiming that its locations are 1,000 meters below the ground, both in Switzerland and Sweden. This sounds serious and professional.  

Since the company has encrypted email software – ProtonMail, they are recommending their users to sign up for a Proton VPN by using this email service. This way, personal information won’t be revealed to third-party users or companies.  

For better privacy, Proton VPN has a built-in Tor support that has more than seven thousand relays to mask the user’s location, logs, browsing history, and more.  

Proton VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, AndroidiOS, Linux and routers.  

What is Nord VPN?

Nord VPN is one of the best VPN services in the world. Since 2012 they have gathered more than 14 million users worldwide. The company is dedicated to improve and bring the highest level of security for its users. When someone hears this it might sound complicated to use their software, but it turns out that is quite the opposite. It is designed for everyday use and for every skill level – from beginners to professionals. That’s why their policy is to bring top-level security for both individuals and businesses 

Nord VPN has 5,343 servers in 59 countries. It is compatible with Android, Windows, macOSiOSAndorid TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox and the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

Some of the best features that Nord VPN offers are: 

  • Secure no-logs policy 
  • DNS and IPv6 leak protection 
  • Kill switch feature 
  • Strict encryption for all devices 
  • P2P traffic and optimized servers for content transfer 
  • Access for Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Sky TV, Amazon Prime Video 

When we talked about Norton VPN, we mentioned a lower speed while streaming, downloading or torrenting. On the contrary, Nord VPN has remarkable speed within its servers allowing their users to use its software undisturbed.   

Ipv6 connection is the new internet generation that allows many great features, like importing several levels of IP hierarchy and sending the same data to multiple devices, 128-bit address enough to support many different IP addresses 

Nord VPN is torrent-friendly considering that it supports different servers optimized for P2P traffic. Even in the countries with top-level internet security, the users won’t be tracked by their ISP while torrenting. Nord VPN also has a built-in feature that will keep you safe if your VPN connection fails – Kill Switch feature. Let’s face it – this can happen even if you’re using the best network provider. In this case, the Kill Switch feature secures your IP address from exposing it to the third-parties by turning off your internet connection.  

Nord VPN uses military 256-bit encryption guaranteeing protection from hackers and data leaking.  

Nord VPN doesn’t offer a free service deal, but it offers an exclusive Nord VPN coupon for a 2-year plan with the possibility to save your budget up to 68%. Besides that, there is also a 6-month plan and a 1-month plan with a 35-day money-back guarantee.  

Nord VPN or Proton VPN, who should you choose?

Both Nord VPN and Proton VPN have strict no-logs policy, strong AES-256 encryption and dedicated apps for multiple platforms for several devices at the same time. Behind that, there are two reputable companies with desire to improve cybersecurity and allow everyone to use the internet without tracking.  So if you are looking at NordVPN vs. ProtonVPN with regards to the no logging policy it is a tie.

However, Nord VPN shows better results when it comes to high speed and represents the fastest VPN provider on the market currently. Thanks to their huge number of servers (5,343 servers in 59 countries) Nord VPN users have the access to a huge server network allowing them to achieve high internet speed.   

Proton VPN offers customer support through support form or via e-mail, while Nord VPN offers 24/7 customer support via live chat with Nord VPN chatbot or live person.  

Nord VPN is a better service when it comes to VPN services. By using its software, your data will be secured, your browsing experience will be at high level and undisturbed, huge number of servers worldwide will keep your internet connection stable. Nord VPN accepts payments through Visa, Amex, Discover, MasterCard (both credit and debit), PayPal and Bitcoin