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What are the features and pricing plans of TurboVPN?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 17, 2022

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Having a VPN service should be a priority for all users nowadays. This technology allows them to safely browse the internet by providing anonymity. It hides the user's IP address to mask their true location when browsing online. VPNs can also spoof the user's geographic location to make them seem to be coming from another country. This can help access foreign content unavailable in their location of usage. With all of this, VPN services are a must-have for many. So keep on reading if you want to find out what our editors thought when they did their full TurboVPN review.

Who is TurboVPN?

TurboVPN is a China-based service known to be one of the few that offers free services. It is available for both Android and iOS, which makes it compatible with a lot of devices. Even for its free version, they still offer reliable VPN security and some features that make it worthwhile. Those looking for more complicated and advanced tools can purchase their VIP version with better features. For the free version, users must expect a lot of advertisements in their application which is the source of income for the developers.

TurboVPN Features

First, the main feature of TurboVPN is IP and data leak protection. The application hides your IP address from the websites you visit. Users can select a specific server they want to be connected to, based in a country of their choice. They will be shown to be coming from here when they visit websites. Upon testing, TurboVPN effectively hid the computer's IP address and encrypted the data that was uploaded online. This ensures that users will be safe whenever browsing the internet away from third parties who may want to get their data.

One of the best features for TurboVPN is the lack of a data limit, even if it is a free service. Most of the time, free services only offer up to 1GB of data, given that it is used without payment. In exchange for the constant advertisements found in the application, users can have security for all the websites they visit, which is an excellent offer. Those looking for VPN security but don’t have the budget for it are advised to use the service.

Even if it is a free service, users are ensured of the application's security. Their standard security technology uses AES-256-bit encryption, which is considered military-grade. They also come with IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. Users knowledgeable about these security tools can choose the protocol they want if they use Android.

TurboVPN Paid version

One of the main uses of VPN services is for removing the geo-restrictions set by streaming services such as Youtube and Netflix. This is because copyright laws are only available for specific countries. For example, some shows in Netflix Japan may not be available for those in America. TurboVPN allows users to bypass these restrictions. Upon testing, we found it to be effective for major servers such as USA, European ones, and more. The internet speed was also adequate for streaming or downloading the content without long waiting times.

The application also allows up to five devices to use the VPN protection simultaneously. This makes it easier to provide holistic security for a whole household to ensure that everyone will be secure whenever browsing online and removes the need to purchase multiple plans. 

Once a paid version is purchased, users can also remove the advertisements that are scattered around the interface. This is because while they may be annoying, they are important for the developers to maintain their servers and give good service quality. By paying for a premium service, users can help the developers while getting better features. 

With a paid version, users can also have access to more servers. This allows them to have better speeds for both downloading and uploading. This is because they will be sharing server speed with fewer people especially if they use those that have low server traffic. Upon testing from a computer in USA, the server reliability and speed were good but maybe slower during peak times. It is good for streaming, downloading, and browsing the internet. Users are advised not to do any torrenting, though, as the developers may block their accounts. This is mainly because some pirated applications are usually downloaded with torrents.


In the end, the VPN is an excellent choice for both free and paid versions. It has reliable security protocols, abundant features, and good browsing speeds. If you want to find out more about VPN service providers, and other information related to VPNs please make sure you check out all of our articles and reviews. 

Our editors have tried their best to get all the info they can for people looking to add that extra layer of security while they are online.