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What is SSL VPN and How It Can Protect You Online?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 12, 2021

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What is an SSL VPN?

As a solution for users who want decent online protection that isn’t complex like the Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), SSL VPN was created. This kind of VPN is equipped with the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) but mainly uses Transport Layer Security (TLS.) This powerful VPN uses end-to-end encryption to make sure your sensitive data is free from prying eyes.

Are you curious about how SSL VPN perfectly fulfills its job? It’s simple. All you need to have is a modern web browser, and the software will create a secure connection for you, which lets you enjoy its service features, which we’ll cover for you later.

How can you get an SSL VPN?

Getting an SSL VPN is as easy as a few simple clicks. There are lots of vendors online that you can check out if you’re interested. The price range may vary depending on the loaded features and company. You should see for yourself to know what suits you.

Benefits of Using SSL VPN

Whether you want online protection for your store, business, or a personal blog, SSL VPNs got your back. With that said, the robust VPN is a Jack of all trades that you’ll need in your personal computer, and here are the reasons why:

  • Access to Region-Locked Contents

Wherever country you are from, you get the opportunity to reach the contents you wish. Say, for instance, you’re working with a company remotely. SSL VPN will encrypt your network traffic and disguises you as if you’re on a local network.

  • No Need to Install Another Software

SSL VPN only needs your conventional web browser to enable its fully-functional features, which means you won’t be spending more dollars on another program.

  • Split Tunneling Enabled

The split tunneling feature lets you control what passes through the encrypted servers for privacy and what goes in the direct internet. It’s also worth noting that SSL VPN uses a transport layer to split network traffic easily.

  • Lets You Grant or Deny Access

SSL VPN lets you advance configure servers to grant or access permissions. Works well with thriving companies that want to limit what their client or employee can view.

  • Compelling Encryption Enabled

SSL VPN uses symmetric and asymmetric encryption to either make a secured connection between a client and a server or to exchange data during the session safely. The strongest encryption available is the military-grade AES 256-bit, which is almost unbreakable to hackers.

  • User-Friendly

With the ability to be deployed on any web browsers that have Transport Layer Security, an SSL VPN doesn’t need any customer service, although there are step by step guides online that will help if you’re new to the program.

  • Perfect Forward Secrecy

SSL VPN is equipped with the PFS or Perfect Forward Secrecy that essentially removes all browsing data in your last session so it won’t be intercepted in case of a security breach.

Final thoughts on SSL VPNs

SSL VPNs are a kind of virtual private network that guarantees complete remote protection with its quality over quantities of features. It can be deployed at any conventional internet browsers equipped with the powerful TLS technology and doesn’t require you to install a separate program to experience the features. Availing an SSL VPN account can be made with online vendors that you can check out for yourself.  Don't worry, if you are still wondering what an SSL VPN is we have you covered.

The majority of people who surf the web are pretty much exposed to malicious schemes of cybercriminals, paranoid internet service providers, and third parties. As a countermeasure, many people started subscribing and using a VPN service to mask their IP address and hide their physical location. Today, we’re not talking about the same VPN companies that compete for being the best, but rather SSL VPN.

If you want reliable protection for your online security and anonymity, SSL VPN might work for you. It has every feature you’ll need: Strong encryption and protocol, customizations, and user-friendliness that will kickstart your online browsing. It’s definitely worth a try.