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What is the best VPN review site?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 12, 2021

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Nowadays, no one that uses the internet normally has total control over their privacy. After all, most websites have transitioned into an advertisement-focused way of generating income. With this, they have started to collect information from users as to be able to provide more specific advertisements. Aside from this, users are also not secure against hackers who can gather information about the user which they may use in order to commit identity theft.

The best VPN Review Website

To know the best VPN service that you must use, it is better to get reviews from experts who will be able to assess the different features and functionalities of each. ReviewFyer takes pride in our capability of reviewing these applications and our professional takes about each. Our website reviews these products thoroughly and accurately which makes us the best website for reviewing VPNs.

How do we reviews VPNs?

When reviewing VPNs, we take a lot of factors to consider. This includes the following.

  1. Speed – As mentioned before, using a VPN naturally slows down the speed of the internet. This is because instead of the usual upload and download routine that it does, a VPN adds the process of encryption along with making it go through a server of the user’s choice. These additional steps when downloading data makes the whole process slower. When reviewing a VPN, we ensure that the speed it will be able to give users are at least usable for browsing the web, streaming movies, or even gaming (which may be harder for some). Usually, the number of servers and the capacity of each can help with giving better browsing speeds even when using a VPN.

  2. Features – Aside from the basic purpose of VPN which is giving anonymity for its users, a good one can have additional features that can help give security for users or allow them to do much more. A good feature a VPN must have is the kill-switch feature which instantly shuts down the internet connection of the user in case the VPN connection fails. This prevents the user from accidentally revealing their actual location whenever browsing. This is important as even a second of unsecure connection to a website will still be recorded and used to trace the user’s activities. Aside from this, features like ad-block and antiviruses are also helpful.

  3. Security – Given that VPNs are made for ensuring that their users’ information will always be safe, it should always be a priority for it to remain secure. A secure VPN will not have any IP leaks and security bypasses. Aside from this, it must also have a strong encryption tool that is up to industry standards. Lastly, it should be able to provide full anonymity for its users.

  4. Data collection rules – Users should always be aware of the data collection rules that a VPN provider has set. Because the application is used for anonymity, the VPN providers themselves should not be taking any of the data of its users or selling it to third parties without their consent. Aside from this, users should also be aware of VPNs that are based in countries where it is legally required to obtain data from its citizens and upload it to the government’s database which is contrary to providing full anonymity. ReviewFyer informs its users if the VPN provider is under the jurisdiction of these countries.

  5. User support – Ensuring that the user will be able to use the VPN app completely will be vital for providing full security and anonymity. This is why ReviewFyer makes sure that the application is fully user-friendly and has features that are important and easy to use. This can come in the form of simple interfaces, helpful descriptions written within the application, and more. Customer support that is responsive and informative is also very important for users to be able to submit their questions. 

  6. Geo-restriction bypass – One thing that most users use VPNs for is with bypassing geo-restrictions. These are limits set by streaming services in order to ensure that not all countries have the same content. This is mostly due to copyright and licensing issues. With the use of VPNs, a user can show themselves to be coming from a country of their choice which then allows them to gain content which is allowed in that country. ReviewFyers consider a VPN service to be a good one if it can bypass these geo-restrictions. 

  7. Pricing – Lastly, the pricing of the service is very important for ReviewFyer. This is because one that can have all the best features for VPNs and more along with good pricing plans will be a good choice. Aside from this, one that can offer multiple licenses for more affordable pricing and those that incentive year-long prices are ranked higher. This is because it allows more users for the VPN. 
What are VPNs?

VPNs or Virtual Private Network is a service that allows users to have more anonymity and privacy while browsing online. The internet protocol address (IP) of the user which is used as their identity tag whenever browsing online will be masked and will be untraceable whenever sing a VPN. This protection is available for all types of internet connection for both public and private hotspots. 

Is a VPN necessary?

Nowadays, VPNs are a necessity if users will be regularly uploading their data online. This is especially important if they are prone to using public Wi-Fi hotspots which hackers can easily use to gather information. 

First, VPNs allow users to gain maximum anonymity using the service. For example, they can show themselves to becoming from Singapore even though they are based in the USA. In case the IP is tracked, it will not lead to any addresses as it is only a virtual server. This prevents advertisers from being able to tag a user’s activities and match it with their actual location.

Next, the session of the user will not be gathered by another user. This means that the passwords, content, and data that they will upload online will not be hacked. This is because VPNs have an encryption technology that enables the information you browse online to be hidden from others. In case a hacker manages to penetrate through its defense, the information that they will be able to get will be encrypted information that they will not be able to read.

Lastly, this allows users to be able to access content that is not geographically available for them. For example, geo-restrictions set by Netflix and Hulu can be bypassed with the use of a VPN which makes it a must-have for some.

How do VPNs work?

VPNs enable this by creating a data tunnel where the information will flow from your local network and then to another location. This latter location will depend upon the user’s choice. From example, even if they come from a city in Australia, they can show themselves to be currently in Canada. This misdirects advertisers and anyone who may want to track their activities. 

This can help the user hide the history of the websites they visited, the devices they used, the location from which they access the internet, and more.

However, users should note that VPNs can cause a decrease in the performance of their internet. Because of the encryption involved, the internet will be slower than usual. This is why users must ensure that the servers that they will choose to be shown to be coming from has a healthy number of users currently connected to it to avoid having very slow internet performance.